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Top Lunches of 2014

A pre New Year round up of my favorites bites is a fun excuse to look back on each year of dining. It is also incentive to get down and hold the plank position until the ball drops.  Here are my 2014 eating highlights:

During my first overseas trip of the  year, I ate my way through Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai!

Soon after, I started giving Chinatown Food Tours! (if you still owe someone a belated Holiday gift, its not a bad idea!)

I wrote a few fun articles for Zagat, including one on shopping at “ethnic” markets.

On an outing to Graffiti Pier in Port Richmond, I put together a Polish picnic that you can replicate.

For my birthday, we celebrated with beer and a Puerto Rican Pork feast.

I coordinated a food truck festival for 15,000 people in Mt. Airy.

On a solo vacation in Mexico City, I ate a ton of street meat.

I was really proud of my Federal Donuts costume this Halloween.

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Lunch Links (The “Happy Holiday” Edition)

  • Suggested noodles around town from 22nd and Philly [22nd and Philly]
  • A list of what spots are open for Xmas [Foobooz]
  • The best pannetone is found… at the Philly Raquet Club [Serious Eats]

A GRILLED Italian from Fat Joe’s

One of my favorite rules to break is sneaking food in to movies.  On my way to a movie down on Columbus Blvd, I had a sandwich craving. This led me to Fat Joe’s, a South Philly take out spot that has been around for only a few years. The menu is packed with sandwiches and awesome sounding, greasy appetizers (i.e.  battered eggplant fries topped with rabe, peppers, sharp and mild provolone)

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Lunch Links (The “Eggless Ice Cream” Edition)

Courtesy of South Street West

  • Did you know “Philly” style ice cream has no eggs? [Serious Eats]
  • Devil’s Pocket Food and Spirits debuts lunch! [South Street West]
  • What Philly neighborhood defines your food tastes? [Zagat]
  • Bing Bing Dim Sum is well on its way to opening, while Nam Wah Tea Parlor is trailing behind [The Insider]

Magpie’s Sweet and Savory

Magpie opened about a year and a half ago on South Street.  I remember hearing about its opening, excited for the sweet and savory pies. The cute space is open Tues-Sunday, for lunch and dinner. Pies change seasonally. Now that is winter, the pies are hearty as hell.

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The Flavor of Pork? Latin Flavor brings Casual Caribbean to South Street

At the end of November, a Latin American/Caribbean casual dining restaurant opened on South Street. Latin Flavor serves Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican food. This news peaked my taste bud’s interests because most Caribbean restaurants we have to work with in Philly are either fancy or super far from Center City.  I wondered if this spot could stand up to the amazing Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican food I have tried up in North Philly: Isla Nena, El Principe, El Lechonera Principe, Cibao, El Rey de Fritura, Shining Star, Porky’s Point, and Freddy and Tony’s. Looking back at those reviews, I can only grimace with pride about how much fatty pork I have already consumed in my lifetime. Time for more. Because we all know that the “Latin Flavor” is often fatty, delicious pork.

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Lunch Links (The “So Soup”) Edition

One of my favorite soups, from Sky Cafe

  • 8 new ramens in Philly [Zagat]
  • And other soup recommended by locals [Foobooz]
  • A reminder that I really need to try the train wreck from Beck’s [Foobooz]