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All Meats At The Gyro House Truck Are Not Created Equal

The Gyro House Truck on Cedar St. (at Broadway) has a somewhat limited menu and thus sometimes I forget about it in favor of kati rolls and Thai food from the carts across the street at Liberty Plaza. They do a mean chicken over rice, and tasty falafel, but I’d heard rumors that the lamb gyro from this truck wasn’t too shabby either (and was in fact championed by one of my predecessors). On a day when salty meat and rice sounded amazing, and it was above freezing outside, I headed over for a street meat lunch.

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Get Your Indian Pizza At The Whole Foods Dosateria


Those of you working in Battery Park City or the farther reaches of Tribeca don’t have the best Indian food options unless you want to pay upwards of $10. Even then, you’re often limited to the usual chicken tikka or chana masala with rice or naan, whether it’s from an actual restaurant or one of the steam table outfits like Pakistan Tea House or Bangal Curry.

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve really gotten behind the Cafe Spice Dosateria at the Whole Foods on Greenwich (btw. Warren & Murray). Not only do they make whatever you order from scratch, but I feel like the quality is better than at some of the nearby places. And they have Indian pizza!

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First Look: Mooncake Foods Quietly Opens, Serving Its Pan-Asian Menu


It seems like just yesterday that a tip came that the old Backyard Chicken space at John St. & Pearl was turning into another Mooncake Foods which already exists downtown in Soho. Then just like that, the doors were open for business yesterday at lunch. And I’d have to say – especially with similar places like OBAO and nearby BonChon on John temporarily down for the count due to the hurricane and a fire respectively, this is a welcome addition to the lunch scene in the Financial District. Read more »

Get Your Uncooked Lunch At Magic Mix Juicery


I’d have to say I’ve never paid more than $10 for an uncooked meal, but that’ exactly what I did last week at the new Magic Mix Juicery on Fulton St. (btw. Nassau & William).

It was curiosity (and something of a dare by a fellow Downtown Luncher) that led me to this vegan, kosher, raw spot that mostly traffics in juices that cost more than 90% of most solid lunches. However, there is a small case of raw food items available when you walk in, and I tried to bypass the ones that looked most like salads for something that resembled an actual meal. Despite being denied my dish of choice the first time I stopped in, on a return visit they had properly dehydrated the kelp and I walked out into the freezing cold with the raw food equivalent of spaghetti.

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Downtown Links (The “Watch Your Back Shake Shack!” Edition)

A sandwich worth its weight in pork. Via SENY.

A Tale Of Two Lunch Spots Post-Sandy: Getting Back On Your Feet Is Not As Easy As Opening The Doors

yushi signboard

It’s been a good three months since hurricane Sandy left the Financial District a mess of generators and shuttered restaurants and buildings. Some places have managed to reopen because of minimal damage, but with or without phone or Internet service (or in some cases, electricity, but we’ll get to that). Many that were completely obliterated by the flood waters still remain closed with papered up windows and vague notes in the window about reopening soon.

The lower part of Maiden Lane, or as I call it “chain row,” was especially hard hit, along with other low-lying spots along the bottom part of Pearl St. and at the South Street Seaport. Two affected lunch spots were Yushi on Pearl St. and Hot Clay Oven nearby on Maiden Lane. Both were shuttered after the hurricane, and only one has reopened. I reached out to both of them, and found out that opening the doors for business isn’t an instant cure all.

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Vivi Bubble Tea Opens Today With BOGO Special


The offshoot of Chinatown’s Vivi Bubble Tea  on John St. (nr. Nassau) soft opened yesterday, and is officially open today with a special to lure people in during this cold snap. A sign out front advertises a buy one, get one free offer which you can either graciously share with a co-worker or hoard for yourself and call it lunch. This apparently excludes slushes, hot drinks and smoothies, and the BOGO special’s good through the end of January.

Vivi Bubble Tea, 39 John St. (nr. Nassau St.)