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Downtown Links (The “Vegetable-Heavy” Edition)

One of the few salads we endorse. Via FitR.
  • Musings on eating a slice of pizza. [Gothamist]
  • Veg-centric Sun In Bloom gets opening date. [TC]
  • Mooncake Foods gets a healthy shout-out. [FitR]
  • Kam Hing diversifies its sponge cake. [SENY]

Downtown Links (The “Mudville 9’s Having A Baby” Edition)

Go Go Curry’s stewy/saucy perfection. Via SENY.
  • There’s a new Vietnamese place you should know about. [Eater]
  • An ode to saucy dishes with rice. [SENY]
  • A sister to Mudville 9 is coming. [Tribeca Citizen]
  • Bucatini at Sole di Capri gets a rave. [FitR]

Downtown Links (The “Strange Cupcake Eatery” Edition)

Is $8 a good deal for mac and cheese? Via FitR.
  • Hawaii Cupcake Factory coming to Tribeca. [TC]
  • The Bourdain food hall/WTC rumors seem to be true! [EaterNY]
  • Westville has some legit-looking mac ‘n’ cheese. [FitR]
  • A spicy hint at Lahore Deli. [Eating in Translation]

Downtown Links (The “Crazy Good Food Court Rumors” Edition)

Can avocado equal bacon? Via Eat to Blog.
  • The Seaport has a new food truck for the winter. [DNAinfo]
  • This awesome hawker market could come downtown! [ENY]
  • An updated vegan cafe opening date. [Tribeca Citizen]
  • You can get a veg Spicy Rizzak at Tiny’s. [Eat to Blog]
  • Khe-Yo’s takeout spot has a new shrimp banh mi. [Grub St.]

Downtown Links (The “Resolve To Eat More Diverse Lunches” Edition)

Homemade sausage is key in this banh mi. Via EaterNY.
  • MacarOn Cafe coming to prime spot in Tribeca. [TC]
  • Denny’s really, really wants to open in the FiDi. [DNAinfo]
  • The bacon cheeseburger at the Odeon is worth the price. [SENY]
  • A few of the year’s top sandwiches are Downtown Lunches. [EaterNY]

Downtown Links (The “Hits And Misses” Edition)

Cumin lamb chicken salad? Yes, please. Via SENY.

Downtown Links (The “Fancy Mexican’s Out; Fancy Macarons Are In” Edition)

Egg salad at Katz’s? Blasphemy. Via FitR.
  • Super Linda is no more. [Eater NY]
  • Fancy macarons on their way. [Racked]
  • Soon we’ll have another raw food option. [TC]
  • Apparently people go vegetarian at Katz’s? [FitR]
  • Jack’s Stir Brew reopens a year after Sandy. [DNAinfo]
  • A Chinatown noodle story. [SENY]