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Super Linda’s $10 Lunch Special: A Surprisingly Good Deal!

I realize Super Linda on W. Broadway (at Reade) has been open for some time, and they began serving lunch soon after. A look at the menu at first wasn’t promising with all of the tortas more than $10, and a single taco running from $3.50 to $5. That did not sound like a good deal.

But then they added a taqueria lunch special for $10 which nets you two tacos from their full lineup along with rice and beans. Now this sounded like a lunch.  Read more »

Super Linda Launches Lunch, Actually Has Things For $10 Or Less

There are always fancy/trendy restaurants opening in Tribeca and they don’t get a lot of coverage on this site because the lunch menus are usually well over the $10 Midtown Lunch price cap. It was a nice surprise to see newish restaurant Super Linda on W. Broadway (at Reade) roll out a lunch menu with not one, but three things that you could actually consider a meal for $10 or less. According to a menu released last week, you can get a trio of tacos, a chorizo sandwich or a breakfast burrito within the price range, or there are some other delicious sounding items for more than that. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that some other fancyish restaurants should get on board with the $10 or less lunch. Click through for a look at the lunch menu.

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