Super Linda’s $10 Lunch Special: A Surprisingly Good Deal!

I realize Super Linda on W. Broadway (at Reade) has been open for some time, and they began serving lunch soon after. A look at the menu at first wasn’t promising with all of the tortas more than $10, and a single taco running from $3.50 to $5. That did not sound like a good deal.

But then they added a taqueria lunch special for $10 which nets you two tacos from their full lineup along with rice and beans. Now this sounded like a lunch. 

My main goal was to try the pastrami taco which sounded like fusion cuisine I could get behind. Unfortunately when I tried to order this taco, I was told they weren’t serving it. While I’m not sure if they meant they’ve taken it off the menu, or were just not serving it that day, I was sad. Therefore, I ended up ordering a grilled mahi mahi taco and one with short rib because I was craving salty and fatty meat.

I really only have one complaint about my lunch from Super Linda, and that was that they’re charging $4 for a single taco and giving you one tortilla. The amount of filling present here really could have used a backup – especially the short rib. I ended up having to eat a little filling off the top before I could confidently pick up a taco to eat it.

The mahi mahi was good with three large cubes of fish balanced by cabbage salad along with smears of guacamole and a chipotle aioli (aka, mayo). I could have used a little less sauce to better taste the fish, but it’s a minor quibble.

The meatier taco containing short rib, charred corn ancho yucca puree and cabbage is not for the faint of heart. Not because it’s spicy (it does contain jalapeno slices), but because of the grease. Holy cow, the grease. I felt a little queasy after eating this taco thanks to the bright red slick of oil that poured out of it during the four bites I took to eat the thing. It could have used a better vegetable to meat ratio, although dousing it with the pots of red and green salsa that came with added some relief.

The portion of beans and rice is both hearty and strange. The beans were highly flavored with a spice which may have been cumin, sprinkled with pickled onion. And the rice was of the sticky white variety, not the kind of Latin rice which is usually yellow or speckled with cilantro that I’m accustomed to getting with an order of tacos.

All that being said, I was surprised by the amount of food I got for $10 from this hip spot in Tribeca. Yes, there were some flaws but I came away full and it was nice to have a taco lunch that didn’t break the bank and had some flavors and fillings that you can’t find at most carts or trucks serving Mexican food.

Super Linda, 109 W. Broadway (at Reade), (212) 227-8998


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