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Downtown Links (The “Winter Padding” Edition)

Soup & bread for post-holiday repentance. Via FitR.
  • A detailed look at Asian bakery hot dogs. [Eater NY]
  • Mulberry’s & Vine’s soup is (kind of) a good deal. [FitR]
  • Get over┬áthe prices and you’ll be OK at Zaitzeff. [II]
  • More love for Pisillo‘s sandwiches. [Tribeca Citizen]

Downtown Links (The “Thanksgiving Is The Best Lunch Of The Year” Edition)

A peek inside the Lombardi’s kitchen. Via Eater NY.

Downtown Links (The “A Soup Chain Gets Cheffy” Edition)

An extremely cheap noodle lunch. Via FitR.
  • The seafood spot hanging on at Pier 17 gets the boot. [Tribeca Trib]
  • Hale & Hearty is partnering with chefs for special soups. [Grub St.]
  • Rizzo’s does Sicilian pizza right. [SENY]
  • Stuff yourself to the brim at Shu Jia Fu Zhou. [FitR]
  • An update on a restaurant guide. [Tribeca Citizen]

Downtown Links (The “Mediocre Diner Sandwich” Edition)

Don’t expect much from Square Diner’s food and you’ll be fine. Via SENY.
  • Yuji Ramen┬ábecomes a permanent fixture at Whole Foods. [Eater NY]
  • Go to Square Diner for the ambience, stay for a sandwich. [SENY]
  • A branch of a gourmet takeout shop is coming to BPC. [DNAinfo]
  • The bagel sandwiches at Davidovich are a steal. [FitR]

Downtown Links (The “Carbed-Up Sushi” Edition)

A crepe with sushi, or sushi wrapped in a crepe? Via DNAinfo.
  • The FiDi’s now home to a creperie with strange fillings. [DNAinfo]
  • Blue Planet Grill serves pizza now? [Tribeca Citizen]
  • The best tourist-friendly spots on the LES. [SENY]
  • How to help out the last holdout at Pier 17. [Eater]

Downtown Links (The “Birthday Japanese Curry” Edition)


Veronica’s does right by the goat. Via FitR.

Downtown Links (The “Seaport Comeback Continues” Edition)

Chicken wings, Chinatown style. Via SENY.
  • Lunching at the new Barbarini incarnation, Barbalu. [Tribeca Citizen]
  • These Chinese bureka might have Jewish roots. [Eating in Translation]
  • Will food truck regs change with a new mayor? [FitR]
  • That fancy 7-Eleven in the FiDi may not be the wave of the future. [Grub St.]
  • You can lunch at the Seaport’s Paris Cafe once again. [DNAinfo]
  • ML contributor Clay leads us on a tour of Chinatown. [SENY]