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Who’s Ready For Another Juice Bar?

This may be an exaggeration, but it seems like every week or two another place selling juices/smoothies/frozen yogurt/of the above opens or is coming soon to the Financial District. This week it’s the Elixir Juice Bar on Nassau St. between John & Fulton, opening in the spot that was formerly an Energy Kitchen. No word on why that place closed up, or if it’s being opened by the same people.

Energy Kitchen’s Stab At A Healthy Cheese Steak Fails At The Word “Wrap”

Every once in a while I get a strange urge to go into one of those chains that promises to feed me food that’s supposed to be bad for you, but that they’ve somehow transformed into a healthy lunch that will make me a well-oiled machine. I’m usually I’m a well-oiled machine because I’ve just eaten a greasy gut-bomb for lunch, not because I’m so full of lean protein. One of these chains is Energy Kitchen and although I’ve walked by the Nassau St. location (btw. John & Fulton) countless times I’ve never gone inside. Was it the “Nothing Over 500 Calories” emblazoned on the door that scared me away? Maybe. When profiled lunch’ers Charlene and Kate said they went there, and specifically mentioned the bison cheese steak wrap, I took notice. And further research turned up a bunch of commenters in midtown saying they chose this wrap over The Pump’s version of street meat. I mean, could this bison cheese steak thing actually be good for its advertised 474 calories?

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