Yuji Ramen Is Latest Smorgasburg Vendor At Whole Foods

Following in the footsteps of grilled cheese, barbeque and Japanese rice balls from Smorgasburg vendors, Yuji Ramen is bringing a test kitchen to the second floor of the Whole Foods at Bowery and E. Houston from March 12 to May 12. The ramen maker used to draw large lines at Smorgasburg, and then at a shop in Williamsburg before that shuttered. Yuji is now trying to raise money via Kickstarter to open a restaurant serving its mazeman, or dry ramen, pictured here from their Twitter. What will they be serving at Whole Foods? Find out straight ahead.

You’ll be able to get lunch dishes for between $9 and $12, and they will also serve an omakase after work hours from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Lunch will include both dry and broth ramen topped with items like crab, uni and miso. There will also be specials like mazeman with bacon and egg or salmon and cheese.

Yuji Ramen: Test Kitchen, inside Whole Foods on the second floor, 95 E. Houston (at Bowery) from March 12 to May 12


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