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Yuji Ramen Is Latest Smorgasburg Vendor At Whole Foods

Following in the footsteps of grilled cheese, barbeque and Japanese rice balls from Smorgasburg vendors, Yuji Ramen is bringing a test kitchen to the second floor of the Whole Foods at Bowery and E. Houston from March 12 to May 12. The ramen maker used to draw large lines at Smorgasburg, and then at a shop in Williamsburg before that shuttered. Yuji is now trying to raise money via Kickstarter to open a restaurant serving its mazeman, or dry ramen, pictured here from their Twitter. What will they be serving at Whole Foods? Find out straight ahead.

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Whole Foods Bowery Gets Japanese Pop Up For February

The string of Smorgasburg vendors setting up shop at the Whole Foods at Bowery and Houston St. continues with a place called Rice and Miso Everyday taking over the second-floor counter starting today through March 5. Rice and Miso follows Mighty Quinn’s and Milk Truck, and will be serving Japanese food like rice balls and bento boxes. Also of note: A Smorgasburg Snack Bar is also opening on the second floor with items like S’Mores pie, doughnuts and New Orleans-style iced coffee and slushes. Click through for a look at Rice and Miso’s menu. (Photo via Fork in the Road)

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Get Your Indian Pizza At The Whole Foods Dosateria


Those of you working in Battery Park City or the farther reaches of Tribeca don’t have the best Indian food options unless you want to pay upwards of $10. Even then, you’re often limited to the usual chicken tikka or chana masala with rice or naan, whether it’s from an actual restaurant or one of the steam table outfits like Pakistan Tea House or Bangal Curry.

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve really gotten behind the Cafe Spice Dosateria at the Whole Foods on Greenwich (btw. Warren & Murray). Not only do they make whatever you order from scratch, but I feel like the quality is better than at some of the nearby places. And they have Indian pizza!

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Mighty Quinn’s Whole Foods Pop Up Is Worth A Lunchtime Detour

When word came of a pop up in Downtown Lunch territory from Smorgasburg barbeque favorite Mighty Quinn’s, I put it on my “to eat” list. It wasn’t on there for long as I hit it up late last week to try it out before the BBQ purveyor is replaced at the beginning of February. It’s a short menu on offer, but if you like smoked and barbequed meats, you may want to walk a couple of extra blocks for lunch.

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Mighty Quinn’s Replaces Milk Truck At Bowery Whole Foods Pop Up

Popular Smorgasburg vendor Mighty Quinn’s is bringing its barbecue to the Whole Foods at Houston & the Bowery starting today and lasting through Jan. 31 as part of the grocery store’s collaboration with the Brooklyn Flea. You’ll be able to get pulled pork shoulder, edamame and sweet pea salad, sweet potato casserole and a smoked turkey breast that will be exclusive to the Bowery location (there’s a brick and mortar shop in the East Village). It’s a bit outside of the traditional Downtown Lunch boundaries, but given the lack of good BBQ in these parts, it might be worth walking a few extra blocks. Photo courtesy of the Brooklyn Flea.

First Look: South Indian Food At Whole Foods’ New Dosateria

Yesterday was the opening of the rebranded Genji counter inside of Whole Foods Tribeca on Greenwich St. (at Warren) as a Dosateria and Lassi Bar in a first-ever collaboration with Cafe Spice. It turns out the restaurant is more of a split-space now with Japanese food still being made on one side and the rest of the space being used to make Indian dosas, uttapams and Bombay Frankies. You can also get a variety of lassis, or yogurt drinks, some sauces and salads and desserts like gulab jamun from a grab and go case. There were some people standing around to answer questions on ordering (and the ever popular “What’s a dosa?) and I got in the short line to procure some food. My take on what I was served, and why you may want to go vegetarian for lunch here, straight ahead.

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Whole Foods Dosateria/Lassi Bar Opens Today

As we told you last week, Whole Foods Tribeca has replaced its sushi bar with a Dosateria that will also serve lassi shakes. The collaboration with Cafe Spice opens today serving both vegetarian and meat versions of dosas, uttapams and Bombay Frankies and the menu will range in price from $4 to $11.95 and be open from breakfast until 8 p.m.  The menu includes a breakfast dosa, and one involving butter chicken, brie cheese and mango chutney so there’s some fusion happening here. If you happen to check it out today, let us know how the food and prices are in the comments.