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Who Doesn’t Want Quail For Lunch?

I spotted this sign in the window of Bangal Curry II on W. Broadway (btw. Murray & Warren) the other day. If I hadn’t just eaten lunch somewhere else I would have screeched to a halt on the sidewalk and then had quail (with mild Indian spices) for lunch. Their food has been decent the couple of times I’ve eaten there and I may have to make a return visit for this one.  If anyone has eaten this, please let us know in the comments.

Bangal Curry Is Bang-On

We take recommendations very seriously here. So when Lunch’er brownbaglunch commented on my write-up of Ruchi and recommended Bangal Curry on Church Street as a good Indian alternative, I was excited to try it as soon as I could get over there. I wasn’t disappointed.

Thank you, brownbaglunch. I haven’t had much chance yet to give Church Street the exploration it deserves, but I was happy to start with such a winner. The food at Bangal Curry is very good, and you get a ton of it for $5. I’m tempted to end this post right there because, really, what else does a Midtown Lunch’er need to see?

Mouthwatering photos, that’s what. You’ll find plenty of them after the jump.

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