Get Your Indian Pizza At The Whole Foods Dosateria


Those of you working in Battery Park City or the farther reaches of Tribeca don’t have the best Indian food options unless you want to pay upwards of $10. Even then, you’re often limited to the usual chicken tikka or chana masala with rice or naan, whether it’s from an actual restaurant or one of the steam table outfits like Pakistan Tea House or Bangal Curry.

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve really gotten behind the Cafe Spice Dosateria at the Whole Foods on Greenwich (btw. Warren & Murray). Not only do they make whatever you order from scratch, but I feel like the quality is better than at some of the nearby places. And they have Indian pizza!

The first time I ate at the Dosateria I got the signature dosa which is vegetarian and was tasty with a side of chutney and sambar. This time I decided to throw together my own uttapam, which is made from the same lentil and rice batter as the dosa, but resembles a personal-size pizza minus the cheese (although this could be one of your topping options). I suppose you could also fold it up for an actual Indian burrito.


My topping of choice was chili chicken kofta with a side of mango fennel chutney ($9.95). If you choose a vegetarian version it’s slightly cheaper.

This was a filling lunch between the lentil batter base and amount of protein here. I would also heartily endorse dumping the chutney all over the top of the uttapam rather than dipping it because it’s rather dry on its own. Either way, this was a different lunch and I definitely didn’t feel as gross as I do after eating some sort of stewed dish and a piece of naan for maybe a dollar less at one of the steam table places.

Cafe Spice Dosateria, inside Whole Foods at 270 Greenwich St. (btw. Warren & Murray), (212) 349-6555


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