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Milk Truck Puts Another Fancy Spin On Grilled Cheese

The novelty of grilled cheese from a mobile unit isn’t relegated to one truck, but now there are three of these things roaming the streets. Gorilla Cheese hit downtown back in May, drawing both lines and outrage at how much their small sandwiches cost. A while ago, Milk Truck started parking at Wall and William streets on Tuesdays and Fridays and in Soho one day a week. There’s also the Morris Grilled Cheese truck which parks in Brooklyn and other parts of Manhattan. If you’re not tired of reading about the multiple kinds of fancy grilled cheese yet, click through for a look at the sandwich I tried that involves the words “champagne pickled” and “Wisconsin gruyere.”

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Milk Truck Brings Us Grilled Cheese, Other Dairy Products

There’s yet another grilled cheese truck roaming the streets, called the Milk Truck, and it joins Gorilla Cheese and the Morris Grilled Cheese Truck in putting dairy products between slices of bread with other fancy ingredients. This truck also offers milkshakes and soup which sets it apart from some of the competition. They’re parking at Wall & William on Tuesdays and Fridays, although you might want to check out the daily Twitter Tracker posts or the truck’s Twitter just to be safe. A peek at the menu is after the jump. Read more »