Gorilla Cheese: How Much Are You Willing To Pay For Bread And Cheese?

If there’s a true food truck backlash, I could see it starting with the new grilled cheese purveyor, Gorilla Cheese. They made their lunch debut in the Financial District on a gross, rainy day but that didn’t stop a lot of you from checking them out at Hanover Square. When I got there at the tail end of prime lunch time there was a crowd waiting under the scaffolding in front of the truck, but I soon discovered they had already ordered and were waiting for food. Comments of “This better be worth it,” were heard, and I thought the same thing as I ordered my $8.50 sandwich. Find out the verdict after the jump.

The cheapest sandwich on the menu is $4.75 for a good old grilled cheese with American on white, wheat or French bread. Prices quickly escalate depending on the kind of cheese, or if you want a specialty sandwich that involves meat. I ordered the one that had BBQ pulled pork, grilled onions and smoked gouda ($8.50) on wheat. Then I waited for 25 minutes before I had food in hand, but I’m going to guess the wait was because it was their first day out.

Let’s start with the good part of my lunch: The bread was nicely buttered, properly crispy on the outside and there was a good amount of melted smoked gouda going on.

Now onto the bad: As you can see, the size of the sandwich is kind of ridiculous for what you’re paying. Also, there wasn’t a whole lot of pulled pork, which I guess is not surprising since the focus is supposed to be on the cheese.

In addition to cheese-centric sandwiches they also have a dessert s’mores on graham cracker bread. I really wanted to try this but at $4 it would have brought my lunch to a cost that I couldn’t stomach. There are sides of tater tots ($3.75), mac and cheese ($3) and tomato soup but again, if you order any of these you’re either going to pay almost $10 for a cheese sandwich and extra carbs or go over that amount.

If you’re a grilled cheese fiend you’re probably going to like what you get here, but regardless you might be hungry a couple of hours later.

Gorilla Cheese truck, on Twitter or the Web at www.gorillacheesenyc.com



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    How much do you normally pay for a grilled cheese sandwich outside?

  • Bet you could get a grilled cheese at a random, dirty bodega for 1 to 2 bucks.

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    I swung by as well yesterday. Sampled a few things: mac & cheese was bland and the sandwich was too salty. So, very hit or miss. But yeah, 20+ minute wait!

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    I went to my local store and bought $2 of boars head american cheese and $2 of Muenster cheese… $2.50 for a pack of 12 grain bread and $.50 for a tomatoe… I made a grilled cheese with two slices of tomatoes in between for $7 with enough left to make about 4-6 more. You’re going to have a hard time convincing me that $8.50 is justifiable for that sandwich.

  • That looks terribly disappointing…and a little on the burnt side for my taste.

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    That’s almost burnt for a grilled cheese sandwich.
    Hard to mess up a grilled cheese sandwich made at home. And, it’s one of those things I’ve found that taste the same made in one’s own kitchen and one made outside.

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