Milk Truck Puts Another Fancy Spin On Grilled Cheese

The novelty of grilled cheese from a mobile unit isn’t relegated to one truck, but now there are three of these things roaming the streets. Gorilla Cheese hit downtown back in May, drawing both lines and outrage at how much their small sandwiches cost. A while ago, Milk Truck started parking at Wall and William streets on Tuesdays and Fridays and in Soho one day a week. There’s also the Morris Grilled Cheese truck which parks in Brooklyn and other parts of Manhattan. If you’re not tired of reading about the multiple kinds of fancy grilled cheese yet, click through for a look at the sandwich I tried that involves the words “champagne pickled” and “Wisconsin gruyere.”

Before I start talking about the food, can I just say that the man working the truck (whom I’m guessing is the Keith Klein behind the truck’s Twitter account) is what I would imagine most males in the greater Brooklyn area will look like when they’re 50.

Now onto my sandwich, which was the “classic with a twist” ($6.75) and contained gruyere, champagne pickled onions and whole grain mustard on Jewish rye. It was cooked in one of those panini makers that leaves nice little ridges and made the buttered outside of the bread all crispy and golden. This was a pretty nice grilled cheese specimen and I thought the price was reasonable, although yes, we’re still talking a lot of money for what most people consider a humble sandwich. The classic sandwich is $5.75 here and contains gruyere and cultured butter and the most expensive is a bacon blue cheese concoction for $8.50.

Come summertime, a milkshake might sound good and those are $5.50 or you can get some mac and cheese for $6.50 or one of their sides like chickpea salad. This grilled cheese truck doesn’t do anything too fancy unlike Gorilla Cheese which likes to make things like falafel melts and one involving Nova salmon. If you want a cheesy sandwich that won’t put you in a food coma, this is a good lunch for you.

Milk Truck, at Wall & William Tuesdays and Fridays (but check the Twitter Tracker before heading out), and on the Web.


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