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Are You A Vegan Who’s Always Wanted To Taste A McRib? Terri Has A Sandwich For You

Sometimes a lunch that I warily buy takes a turn for the delicious. That was the case when I randomly stopped by Terri on Pearl St. (btw. Maiden Ln and Cedar) and happened to see they had a new sandwich on the menu. They now offer a vegan version of a BBQ pork sandwich ($8.05) and after a taste I was immediately reminded of an offering at a certain fast-food chain.  Read more »

Get Your Uncooked Lunch At Magic Mix Juicery


I’d have to say I’ve never paid more than $10 for an uncooked meal, but that’ exactly what I did last week at the new Magic Mix Juicery on Fulton St. (btw. Nassau & William).

It was curiosity (and something of a dare by a fellow Downtown Luncher) that led me to this vegan, kosher, raw spot that mostly traffics in juices that cost more than 90% of most solid lunches. However, there is a small case of raw food items available when you walk in, and I tried to bypass the ones that looked most like salads for something that resembled an actual meal. Despite being denied my dish of choice the first time I stopped in, on a return visit they had properly dehydrated the kelp and I walked out into the freezing cold with the raw food equivalent of spaghetti.

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The Squeeze Cart Brings Us Raw Food, Juices, “Living Lattes”

While heading to lunch yesterday I spotted a brightly-hued new cart at the corner of Pearl St. & Hanover Sq. It’s called The Squeeze, and serves fancy juices (my eyes glazed over after I saw the $8.95 price tag), along with something called “living lattes” and some raw vegan breakfast and lunch items including sandwiches, salads and some sort of hot dog involving kimchi. Click through to see how many food forms cashews can take!

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Open Face Korean Sandwich &amp A Bonus Doughnut From Vendy Cup Nominee Cinnamon Snail

Judging by the massive line greeting me at the Cinnamon Snail truck’s weekly stop in the Financial District on Tuesday, a lot of you are fans. Thus, it’s no surprise that they’ve been nominated for this year’s Vendy Cup to be given out at the Vendy Awards on September 15 on Governor’s Island. I’ve only eaten at the truck once but really enjoyed my five spice seitan sandwich. As you may or may not know, the truck serves nothing but vegan lunches and baked goods, but unless you have some irrational fear of fake meats, you shouldn’t let that scare you away. My second trip to the truck netted an open-faced sandwich of sorts and a doughnut. Would my second vegan lunch be as good as the first one?

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Nuchas Has Tasty Empanadas, But Do They Make A Filling Lunch?

I think we can all get behind a truck that not only brings empanadas to us, but continuously bakes them throughout lunch service so they’re not sitting around getting all soggy or stale. Nuchas first came up on the Midtown Lunch radar when they opened a kiosk in Times Square and then they quietly launched a truck which has been stopping at some of the food truck lots downtown in the last couple of weeks. The truck parked in the Financial District last week and since it didn’t involve taking the subway, I was there. Read more »

Attention Meat Eaters: Cinnamon Snail’s Vegan Sandwiches Are Better Than You Think

cinnamon snail truck

Last week the Cinnamon Snail truck started selling its vegan food in New York City five days a week after essentially being forced out of parking across the river in Hoboken and Jersey City. They were supposed to be in the Financial District on Thursday but were unable to find parking and instead made a surprise appearance on Monday on Wall St. I headed over for a late lunch and was impressed with how quickly the short line moved and the time it took for me to get my food despite only one guy handling the food. There are only approximations of meat served at this truck (along with a whole lot of delicious-looking vegan baked goods), and I ordered one to see what they were doing with seitan.

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