Get Your Uncooked Lunch At Magic Mix Juicery


I’d have to say I’ve never paid more than $10 for an uncooked meal, but that’ exactly what I did last week at the new Magic Mix Juicery on Fulton St. (btw. Nassau & William).

It was curiosity (and something of a dare by a fellow Downtown Luncher) that led me to this vegan, kosher, raw spot that mostly traffics in juices that cost more than 90% of most solid lunches. However, there is a small case of raw food items available when you walk in, and I tried to bypass the ones that looked most like salads for something that resembled an actual meal. Despite being denied my dish of choice the first time I stopped in, on a return visit they had properly dehydrated the kelp and I walked out into the freezing cold with the raw food equivalent of spaghetti.

magic mix food

At first glance there are a couple of things on the menu that don’t sound terrible. The East Meets West burger? I’d eat that if I were at Five Guys. As I didn’t want to upset my brain anymore with raw food equivalents of things I normally eat, I opted instead for the Cheezee Satisfaction, aka, marinara kelp noodles tossed with “meatballs and parmesan cheeze” (quotation marks and misspellings not added by me).


The kelp noodles with three raw nut meatballs and a container of “cheeze” set me back $13 once tax was added on. As I gazed upon the disconcerting red color of the noodles, and the puddle at the bottom of the container, I wondered what I’d done. But I was hungry and pressed on. The good news was that the meatballs were actually pretty tasty, molded together with some sort of pesto and tasting of garlic and herbs. The clear kelp noodles, on the other hand were colored with beet juice that somewhat transferred its flavor into the noodles. The little container on the side was the “cheeze” and I spent a good part of my lunch trying to figure out what it was made of other than perhaps some ground nuts.

I guess if you’re looking for a juice once in a while and don’t mind the $10 or more price tag, this spot would be a good choice. I can’t really comment on Magic Mix’s food specifically related to other raw spots in the city, but after one lunch here it seems like those who eat uncooked lunches sort of hate food.

Magic Mix Juicery, 102 Fulton St. (btw. Nassau & William), (646) 454-0680



  • That looks vile!!!!! That is not a midtown lunch! Vegan???? WTF! Beet juice noodles!!??? ugh….thanks for killing my appettitte. Next time, I vote for a poo pic instead, or perhaps a pic of vomit floating in a toilet bowl….

  • As anyone told you lately what an awesome job your doing Andrea? Zach owes you a raise……too bad he is a cheap O. :(

  • User has not uploaded an avatar

    Haha. The beauty of this site is everyone’s entitled to their opinion! And I guess for people who only eat raw food, this is a Midtown Lunch, although no one else should ever have to eat it.

  • No—anything marinated in beet juice is not a proper midtown lunch by definition. Mean to post that photo! I’m still gagging!

  • C’mon guys, being healthy doesn’t have to be gross. Andrea could tell you, the moment you walk into the place, you instantly feel younger and healthy. I think that there should be more healthy choices in FiDi and this is a great, healthy addition to the neighborhood.

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