The Squeeze Cart Brings Us Raw Food, Juices, “Living Lattes”

While heading to lunch yesterday I spotted a brightly-hued new cart at the corner of Pearl St. & Hanover Sq. It’s called The Squeeze, and serves fancy juices (my eyes glazed over after I saw the $8.95 price tag), along with something called “living lattes” and some raw vegan breakfast and lunch items including sandwiches, salads and some sort of hot dog involving kimchi. Click through to see how many food forms cashews can take!

I was told the cart will be there every weekday, and from what I saw on the vast meu most everything is under the $10 mark (most things seemed to be in the $7 area), although it seems sort of wrong to pay more for a juice than an actual lunch. Never fear, I’ll be consuming the food from this cart in the near future and will file a full report. Someone needs to find out if gluten free macaroni with raw cashew cheese sauce tastes like!

The Squeeze Cart, Pearl St. at Hanover Square


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