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Open Face Korean Sandwich &amp A Bonus Doughnut From Vendy Cup Nominee Cinnamon Snail

Judging by the massive line greeting me at the Cinnamon Snail truck’s weekly stop in the Financial District on Tuesday, a lot of you are fans. Thus, it’s no surprise that they’ve been nominated for this year’s Vendy Cup to be given out at the Vendy Awards on September 15 on Governor’s Island. I’ve only eaten at the truck once but really enjoyed my five spice seitan sandwich. As you may or may not know, the truck serves nothing but vegan lunches and baked goods, but unless you have some irrational fear of fake meats, you shouldn’t let that scare you away. My second trip to the truck netted an open-faced sandwich of sorts and a doughnut. Would my second vegan lunch be as good as the first one?

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Finalists For 2012 Vendy Cup Announced, Including Two Downtown Regulars

It’s the day a lot of street vendors – both new school trucks and carts serving food from all over the world – have been waiting for, when the finalists for the 2012 Vendy Awards‘ Vendy Cup are announced. There is quite a mix this year and a couple from the Downtown Lunch coverage area will be up for the big award being handed out on Governor’s Island on September 15. Those would be vegan food and sweets truck Cinnamon Snail and the Xin Jiang Prosperity Kebabs cart that’s a mainstay in Chinatown. Check out the full list of potential winners and one award that’s already been handed out, straight ahead.

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Attention Meat Eaters: Cinnamon Snail’s Vegan Sandwiches Are Better Than You Think

cinnamon snail truck

Last week the Cinnamon Snail truck started selling its vegan food in New York City five days a week after essentially being forced out of parking across the river in Hoboken and Jersey City. They were supposed to be in the Financial District on Thursday but were unable to find parking and instead made a surprise appearance on Monday on Wall St. I headed over for a late lunch and was impressed with how quickly the short line moved and the time it took for me to get my food despite only one guy handling the food. There are only approximations of meat served at this truck (along with a whole lot of delicious-looking vegan baked goods), and I ordered one to see what they were doing with seitan.

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Cinnamon Snail Plans To Park In The FiDi Today [Updated]: You may have seen that vegan lunch truck Cinnamon Snail has started parking in NYC during the week, and they're in the Financial District today weren't able to find parking in the FiDi! The truck's tried out the Flatiron, Midtown and the W. Village already, and although they said Thursday will be their regular day in the FiDi, today's parking woes do not bode well. They'll be in or near Soho on Tuesdays (see the schedule here), however, and I'm sure a lot of you will be excited for not only the meatless lunches, but also the vegan baked goods.

Cinnamon Snail’s Bringing Its Vegan Food To NYC Lunchers This Week

We here at Midtown Lunch don’t normally endorse vegan food because, well, there are a lot of meaty lunches out there waiting to be eaten. If you’ve tried the Cinnamon Snail Truck’s food, that might change you mind, as it did mine, when I tasted their s’mores doughnut at a foodie event.  Last year they walked away with a Vendy Award for their vanilla bourbon creme brulee doughnuts. They’ve been mostly parking in Hoboken and Jersey City on the other side of the Hudson, but after it was made cost-prohibitive to park there anymore, they got a NYC vendor license and are ready to hit the streets starting today. Find out where they’ll be parking, and what they’ll be serving, straight ahead. Read more »