Luckyim Thai Is A Welcome Addition To The Broadway & Liberty Carts

There haven’t been many new interesting additions to the cart scene at Broadway between Liberty and Cedar streets lately. Last week Lunch’er Jeff wrote in to say that a new option serving Thai food had appeared next to the A-Pou’s Taste cart. A Thai food cart?! I’m on board with any cart offering food that’s more exciting than halal street meat.

There’s a menu in the window of the cart but it’s extremely hard to read, being scrawled in neon marker. Luckily, like all of the finest chain restaurants, the menu’s in picture form too! The basics: There’s pad thai, green curry, over rice dishes of ginger pineapple, peanut sauce or spicy basil, and tom yum soup, each with chicken, vegetable or shrimp addition options. Prices top out at $8, making this cart cheaper than most of the Thai restaurants in the area.

The spicy basil with chicken ($6) seemed like a safer choice than pad thai. You get a decent-size container with a generous layer of nicely-cooked sticky rice and some white meat chicken, onion, a couple of pieces of basil and one piece of bell pepper. I could have used less onion and more vegetable variety, but the chicken was nice and the sauce was a little bit spicy and not gloppy or sweet. I was pleased with my lunch that cost me little more than street meat.

If you’ve tried other dishes from this new Thai cart, let us know what you thought of them in the comments!

Luckyim Thai Cart, Liberty St. at Broadway


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  • Just had the chicken and peanut sauce. Gotta say, for $7 it was pretty good. There was cabbage mixed in with both the chicken (in sauce) and broccoli (unsauced) which was strange, but it wasn’t off-putting.

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