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Seafood Laksa With A Side Of French Music At Aux Epices

The name of the restaurant Aux Epices on Baxter St. (btw. Canal & Hester) translates from French into “with spices” and that was an accurate description of the riot of flavors in my lunch there. It moved from Tribeca where it was called Franklin Station Cafe, and there isn’t much on the lunch menu that tops $10, but you have to remember that this is Chinatown/Little Italy and that price point is expected. You don’t feel like you’re eating in the neighborhood as you step inside and black and white photos paired with cute cafe tables and French music contrast with the mostly Malaysian and Asian dishes on the menu. It’s a nicer lunch experience than you might find in surrounding establishments, and the seafood dish I had was delicious.

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Unconventional Ramen From Open Kitchen Makes Up For Weak First Visit

A first visit to Open Kitchen on William St. (at Beaver) did not go well. Not all of the stations were open, things seemed disorganized, and the employees didn’t seem to be on their game. Did I mention the food I got was not that great, but they do have good coffee? Luckily, this time the food was better and the operation seemed to be running more smoothly.  Read more »

Zutto’s $10 Ramen Special Is Perfect For A Case Of The Mondays

Most of our ramen options downtown fall into two categories: More than $10, or from a deli. It’s a pretty sad situation, really, especially compared with most other parts of Manhattan. Long ago I saw an ad on another site advertising $10 ramen on Mondays at the Japanese spot Zutto on Hudson St. (btw. Jay & Harrison). That’s about the only time I’ve seen restaurant ramen offered at that price within the Downtown Lunch boundaries, so I had to check it out.  Read more »

No Rice, Only Noodles At The Mamu Thai Truck

There are a couple of trucks selling southeast Asian foods these days, including Mamu Thai Noodle. The truck has been parking at one of the lots near the World Financial Center in Battery Park City at least one day a week and based on the line when I stopped by on Monday, you all are happy to have a Thai option in that part of downtown.  Read more »

Checking Out The Very Seafoody Tom Yum Soup At Aroy Dee Thai


Aroy Dee Thai Kitchen has been open on John St. (btw. Broadway & Nassau) for a while now, and on a recent gross, rainy day I decided to stop in again for lunch. I’d already tried one of their protein over rice options soon after they opened in March.

This time, I happened to have a weird cold that made eating in warm weather challenging. In defiance of the warming temperatures outside, I opted to order a noodle soup. And it both soothed my throat and gave me the seafood that I craved.

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Get A Taste Of Baxter St. At The FiDi’s New Vietnamese Source, A La Saigon

a la saigon sign

We don’t have much in the way of Vietnamese specialties in the Financial District other than a couple of banh mi sources that also offer serviceable bowls of pho and bun.

Seemingly overnight, Eight Dumpling House morphed into A La Saigon much to the confusion of at least three customers I overheard trying to order their fix of General Tso’s chicken.

What I can report is the $8 lunch special I tried was pretty good, and a welcome counter to all that Americanized Chinese food of fried chicken in gloppy sauces.

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A Prime Version Of Pad Thai Can Be Found At Luckyim Thai Cart

The Luckyim Thai cart had a rough past couple of weeks. They, along with at least four other carts, were ousted from their spot on Liberty St. at Broadway by the installation of a Citi Bike rack. After a day or two, three of the carts moved around the corner to Nassau St. (btw. Liberty & Cedar), and I decided to go try another dish from Luckyim Thai.

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