Checking Out The Very Seafoody Tom Yum Soup At Aroy Dee Thai


Aroy Dee Thai¬†Kitchen has been open on John St. (btw. Broadway & Nassau) for a while now, and on a recent gross, rainy day I decided to stop in again for lunch. I’d already tried one of their protein over rice options soon after they opened in March.

This time, I happened to have a weird cold that made eating in warm weather challenging. In defiance of the warming temperatures outside, I opted to order a noodle soup. And it both soothed my throat and gave me the seafood that I craved.

The tom yum noodle soup ($9) came with the seafood-laden broth separated from the rice noodles, although there were already some in the bottom of the container, and bean sprouts that were sprinkled with crushed peanuts.

There were rings of calamari in the bottom along with a few shrimp (with the tails left intact) and some scallions and herbs. The broth was a little spicy but nothing major, and I liked adding the amount of noodles I wanted bit by bit so they didn’t become soggy. I ended up eating this for two meals, so despite the somewhat high price, I didn’t mind.

Yes, I know soup doesn’t sound great for lunch on a hot summer day but I really thought it was good quality, and they cooked it to order. Next up to try here: The steam table lunch or one of the interesting-sounding options that fall above the $10 mark.

Aroy Dee Thai Kitchen, 20 John St. (btw. Broadway & Nassau), (212) 528-9922


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  • Ordered tom yum soup from ADT yesterday and found it a bit less chock full of seafood than the one you received. Their lunch specials are fairly priced and their shrimp pad thai was more than passable.

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