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Dumpling House Turns Into Vietnamese Restaurant

If you tried to eat at Dumpling House on Liberty Place (btw. Liberty St. & Maiden Lane) Monday, you may have been in for a surprise as it’s not only closed, and turning into something different.

The space is becoming A La Saigon and will be serving Vietnamese food, which I for one am pretty happy about. With the exception of Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches, the Banh Mi cart and Baoguette, we don’t have much in the way of Vietnamese specialties in the Financial District. And really, Dumpling House wasn’t anything special, so fingers crossed that the reincarnation will be an improvement.

Update: This place opened up the day after this post. Expect a review in short order.

Dumpling House Has A Solid $8 Lunch Special

Some days you just need some greasy Americanized Chinese food with a heaping side of rice, am I right? This happened to me the other day and while mentally going through my catalogue of nearby places to procure some sauced meat I remembered Dumpling House, which is easy to forget since it’s in that weird one-block alley between Maiden Lane & Liberty St. I’d been there once after it replaced Win Won, and appalled at the crappy and expensive dumplings I got, although I shouldn’t have been surprised. This time I did as everyone else who goes here does and got the $8 lunch special that includes a protein, rice and soup or a drink.

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Trying Dumpling House’s Namesake Item Leads To Confusion, Anger

After Win Won was shuttered by the Department of Health, the space in that weird alley-like Liberty Place (btw. Liberty St. & Maiden Lane) sat empty for a little while until one day it suddenty turned into Dumpling House. Since this is pretty close to where I work I was excited that perhaps we had something comparable to Prosperity Dumpling or Vanessa’s in the Financial District. A look at the menu was distressing since that item was relegated to the appetizer section. One day I stopped in to check out the dumplings and what I found wasn’t pretty.

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Win Won Morphs Into Dumpling House

Those of you who were fans of Win Won , the DOH-shuttered Chinese greasy-spoon on Liberty Place (btw. Liberty St. & Maiden Lane) take note – it’s reopened as the fancy-fonted Dumpling House. The menu isn’t all that different or exciting although the good news is they have four different kinds of dumplings. The bad news is that they’re six for $6 – kind of lame for a place with dumpling in its name. Otherwise there is roast pork and duck listed under the appetizer section, and the usual standbys lumped into a lunch special with white or brown rice and a drink or soup for $8. I guess it’s too much to ask for a 5 for $1 dumpling place in the Financial District?