A Prime Version Of Pad Thai Can Be Found At Luckyim Thai Cart

The Luckyim Thai cart had a rough past couple of weeks. They, along with at least four other carts, were ousted from their spot on Liberty St. at Broadway by the installation of a Citi Bike rack. After a day or two, three of the carts moved around the corner to Nassau St. (btw. Liberty & Cedar), and I decided to go try another dish from Luckyim Thai.

I generally avoid ordering pad thai, but for some reason had faith that Luckyim Thai would serve me a good version. I ordered the dish with shrimp ($8) although you can also get chicken or vegetable versions for slightly less money.

Other than rice noodles, you get bean sprouts, egg, radish, and six large shrimp that were surprisingly not overcooked. Yes, you have to wait five to 10 minutes for your food, but I could tell that my pad thai had been cooked to order, as the noodles weren’t stuck together and everything was still piping hot.

The flavor of tamarind shone through and added some tartness to the dish that is sometimes too sweet. If you ask, they will make your dish spicy, too.

If you’re in the mood for some basic Thai food that didn’t come from a steam table, walk around the corner from the cluster of food trucks on Broadway. You’ll likely be glad you did.

Luckyim Thai Cart, Nassau St. between Liberty and Cedar streets


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    Luckyim Thai got chased from Nassau St by the police.

    They have moved to Hanover Square and hope they can remain there going forward.

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