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Little Collins Replaces Peter’s w/ Good Coffee and Sandwiches

When Peter’s Since 1969′s East Side location shuttered a couple months ago for “rebranding,” I mourned the loss of one of my favorite comfort foods in Midtown: their homemade meatloaf. However, in its place, Little Collins, a new joint venture between Peter’s owners and Melbourne-native, Leon Unglik, seems to be the kind of friendly neighborhood coffee joint and cafe that Midtown East has been needing for quite some time.

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Little Collins Coffee Shop Takes Over Peter’s Since 1969 East Side Location

I’m not sure if anyone in Midtown except for me and three of my coworkers cared for Peter’s Meatloaf, but according to Lunch’er Nick, the old Peter’s Location on Lexington Avenue (btw. 55th & 56th Streets) has signs on their window indicating that the location is turning into Little Collins, a high-end coffee bar serving Counter Culture coffee. When I had spoken with Peter’s in Williamsburg in May, they had mentioned that the location was closed for “rebranding” so it’s still a little unclear as to if this new coffee shop is under the same management, or if Little Collins is it’s own thing. Fingers crossed for good pastries! (And maybe some meatloaf?!)

Little Collins, 667 Lexington Avenue (between 55th and 56th Streets)

Peter’s Since 1969 Midtown East Location Closed Temporarily

I should have known something was up when I went to Peter’s Midtown East for lunch last week and their normally creamy meatloaf platter (guilty pleasure of everyone in my office) instead had a runnier, “au jus-type” gravy over it. Peter, why’d you have to go and change the meatloaf I know and LOVE?

Today, on my way to investigate another lunch, I noticed that the windows at Peter’s were all covered up. After calling the location to no answer and then checking Seamless, which said the location was currently not open, I decided to call Williamsburg’s location to see what was up. The person who picked up on the other end said that the Midtown East location had closed for “rebranding” and will be opening again in late June. Rebranding, huh?

All I have to say about this is: HEY, MOM! THE MEATLOAF! WE WANT IT NOW! THE MEATLOAF!

Peter’s Since 1969, 667 Lexington Avenue (btw. 55th and 56th Street)

Peter’s Since 1969 Brings Comfort Food to the East Side

Last week, we reported that Peters since 1969, a comfort food joint with outposts in Brooklyn and Hell’s Kitchen, moved into the old Yummy Yummy falafel space on Lex between 55th and 56th. Jeremiah tried out the Hell’s Kitchen location a while back and reported back without much enthusiasm, but how does the new location stack up?

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MLers Automatically Get a Discount at the New Peter’s Since 1969 Today and Tomorrow

Last week we told you that a second location of Peter’s Since 1969 had opened on Lex btw. 55+56th (in the old Yummy Yummy space.) Well to celebrate their grand opening, they want to offer you guys a special deal. Just mention Midtown Lunch at the register today or tomorrow until 2pm and get 30% off the purchase of a single meal. Not good enough for you? If you’re willing to have a late lunch, the discount goes up to 50% after 2pm. Their credit card machine isn’t up and running yet, so it’s cash only for now. And there is a limit of one meal per person per day for the discount.  Plus the discount is only good at the new location (NOT the one on 9th Ave.)  But if you’re an eastsider who hasn’t tried Peter’s yet, this might be good incentive.

Peter’s Since 1969, 667 Lexington Ave (btw. 55+56th)

Peter’s Since 1969 Opening Today on Lex

Yesterday in the forums we heard the news that Yummy Yummy (on Lex btw. 55+56th) had closed and was being replaced by Peter’s Since 1969, the rotisserie chicken joint with locations in Hell’s Kitchen and Brooklyn.  I just walked by and they are actually open for business starting today!  There have been mixed reviews about their chicken, and Jeremiah wasn’t a huge fan of their BBQ chicken sandwich.  But Lunch’er “mingusaham” says their chicken salad sandwich is not bad, and if they’re expanding they must be doing something right, right?  Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.  And fans of the 9th Ave. location, let us know what we should be ordering…

Peter’s Since 1969 Now Selling $5 Chx Sando

Back in September, I checked out a 50% off deal at the just opened Peter’s Since 1969 (9th ave. btw 42+43rd). Even at half off, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the food, and didn’t really think much of trying them again. That is, until I saw them advertising a BBQ chicken sandwich for $4.82. That was a good enough reason for me to give them another shot. My return visit proved two things: 1) I’m a sucker 2) not much has changed at Peter’s.

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Get 50% Off Peter’s Since 1969 Again Today: If you missed yesterday's deal at Peter's Since 1969, the just out of bounds rotisserie chicken and comfort food spot on 9th Ave. btw. 42+43rd, they're giving everybody a second shot.  Today from Noon to 4pm you can get 50% off lunch at Peter's. Reviews have been mixed, but Jeremiah tried it yesterday and his lunch looks like it was worth the $6.

At Lunch Now: My $6 Lunch at Peter’s Since 1969

I just went to Peter’s Since 1969 to score my half off lunch. Got the 1/4 chicken (dark meat) with collard greens, corn with jalapenos and the corn muffin. Everything was ok. The food is all very simple, some might even call it bland. I could see jalapenos in the corn but there was no heat and their horsey sauce lacked any bite whatsoever. I also got a homemade Arnold Palmer which was actually pretty fantastic. Not too sweet which is usually my problem with them. With 50% off, my whole meal was $6. Oh, and if you go make sure you mention Midtown Lunch to get the deal.  You have until 4pm…

Peter’s Since 1969, 587 9th Ave (btw. 42+43rd), 212-868-0600

Half Off Peter’s Since 1969 Today from Noon to 4pm: Curious about the newly open Peter's Since 1969, but haven't trekked over to 9th Ave. (btw. 42+43rd) yet? This should help motivate you... today from Noon to 4pm, Midtown Lunch'ers get 50% off their meal. We haven't tried it yet either, but those dutch ovens looked pretty enticing! Check out the menu here.