Midtown Links (The “Everything Tastes Better From Dutch Ovens” Edition)

Dutch ovens are always a good sign. Photo courtesy of Grub Street.

  • “Peter’s Since 1969″ will serve rotisserie chicken, slow cooked pork, short ribs, and stew on 9th Ave. starting this weekend. Out of bounds, but could be good… [Grub Street]
  • Our dream for a $10 Anthos lamb burger comes to an end [Eater]
  • Flatiron Lunchers should be looking forward to Eataly! [Eater;SE;Gothamist;Feed Blog]
  • This blogger found the pork and lamb burgers at 4Food to be moist and tasty… [High Low Food Drink]
  • … this one?  Not so much. [Wandering Eater]


  • I never did get to go to anthos for the lamb burger.

    Can anyone suggest a reasonable susbsitute?

  • I’d hate to work in that kitchen to wash those heavy pots. Is that 12 quart size?

  • Everything tastes better from dutch ovens…especially a dutch oven fueled by 6 lengue tacos with extra hot sauce and a side of beans and rice. – Zach’s wife

  • “Peter’s Since 1969″
    DH & I tried yesterday. It was terrible.

    The quarter chicken is $10.50. Comes with 2 sides. Boy was DH pissed when he opened the bag and found a quarter chicken for $10.50 was one small leg. I can buy chicken legs for .49 a pound.

    The chicken was nothing special. Nothing better than BMarket.

    The sides are terrible as well. The collard greens and sweet potato mash were bland.

    This place is too expensive and the food is bland.

    I predict it will close in 4 months.

    • Wow, that’s sad. What the hell is special about the chicken that it’s $10.50 for a quarter chicken? You can get a full chicken from some local restaurants for that price (well sans-sides, but still). I think the full chicken is $7.50 at Ernest Klein on 55th & 6th.

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