Peter’s Since 1969 Opening Today on Lex

Yesterday in the forums we heard the news that Yummy Yummy (on Lex btw. 55+56th) had closed and was being replaced by Peter’s Since 1969, the rotisserie chicken joint with locations in Hell’s Kitchen and Brooklyn.  I just walked by and they are actually open for business starting today!  There have been mixed reviews about their chicken, and Jeremiah wasn’t a huge fan of their BBQ chicken sandwich.  But Lunch’er “mingusaham” says their chicken salad sandwich is not bad, and if they’re expanding they must be doing something right, right?  Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.  And fans of the 9th Ave. location, let us know what we should be ordering…


  • They are indeed open. Cash only until next week though so be warned if you go. This branch doesnt do the fancy Le Creuset dutch ovens for the side dishes (which gives its a decidedly less “up market” feel.

    I decided to try the meatloaf sandwich ($8.66 including tax) as I had always eyed it on the menu of the 9th ave location. 2 good sized pucks of meatloaf on a big brioche bun. Moist but strangely lacking any glaze – I had to add some ketchup when I got to my desk to amp up the “comfort” factor. They packed it with lettuce, tomato and pickle in a separate bag so the bun didn’t get soggy and a little container of cole slaw – tasty, heavy on the mayo.

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    I just went. They have a three piece dark meat lunch special with two sides and a small roll for 8.95 which is an amazing deal for this part of town.

    The chicken is fine, not revolutionizing flavor or anything. I got baked beans and sweet potatoes for my sides. Again, not great, but they’ll definitely when I’m missing southern cooking and stuck in Midtown East.

    They’re still working out some first day kinks, but definitely worth checking out.

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