At Lunch Now: My $6 Lunch at Peter’s Since 1969

I just went to Peter’s Since 1969 to score my half off lunch. Got the 1/4 chicken (dark meat) with collard greens, corn with jalapenos and the corn muffin. Everything was ok. The food is all very simple, some might even call it bland. I could see jalapenos in the corn but there was no heat and their horsey sauce lacked any bite whatsoever. I also got a homemade Arnold Palmer which was actually pretty fantastic. Not too sweet which is usually my problem with them. With 50% off, my whole meal was $6. Oh, and if you go make sure you mention Midtown Lunch to get the deal.  You have until 4pm…

Peter’s Since 1969, 587 9th Ave (btw. 42+43rd), 212-868-0600

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