Get 50% Off Peter’s Since 1969 Again Today

If you missed yesterday’s deal at Peter’s Since 1969, the just out of bounds rotisserie chicken and comfort food spot on 9th Ave. btw. 42+43rd, they’re giving everybody a second shot.¬† Today from Noon to 4pm you can get 50% off lunch at Peter’s.¬†Reviews have been mixed, but Jeremiah tried it yesterday and his lunch looks like it was worth the $6.


  • Had NO idea that this opened. I’ve been to their Williamsburg location a few times on a balmy night and can tell you that the mashed potatoes will not upset you. It’s just really relaxed, home-style food.

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    Went for lunch yesterday and the meal came to about $4.50. Huge portions! Slow cooked pork was delicious especially after I added some of their bbq sauce. For my 2 sides I had the creamed spinach (girl at the counter suggested it) which was really good and the mac and cheese which was dry and pretty blah. My main complaint was all the food was room temperature bordering on cold despite them all sitting in those huge dutch ovens.

  • thanks for the heads up! went yesterday and splurged for the short rib platter (reg. $15.84), taking mashed sweet potatoes and collard greens for my sides. short rub had a nice spice rub on it, and went well with the recommended horseradish sauce. i’ll echo the sentiments of other commenters in that the sides were a little bland (but still good), and portions were ample. still, full sticker price is going to make it tough to have it regularly.

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