Peter’s Since 1969 Midtown East Location Closed Temporarily

I should have known something was up when I went to Peter’s Midtown East for lunch last week and their normally creamy meatloaf platter (guilty pleasure of everyone in my office) instead had a runnier, “au jus-type” gravy over it. Peter, why’d you have to go and change the meatloaf I know and LOVE?

Today, on my way to investigate another lunch, I noticed that the windows at Peter’s were all covered up. After calling the location to no answer and then checking Seamless, which said the location was currently not open, I decided to call Williamsburg’s location to see what was up. The person who picked up on the other end said that the Midtown East location had closed for “rebranding” and will be opening again in late June. Rebranding, huh?

All I have to say about this is: HEY, MOM! THE MEATLOAF! WE WANT IT NOW! THE MEATLOAF!

Peter’s Since 1969, 667 Lexington Avenue (btw. 55th and 56th Street)


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