Little Collins Coffee Shop Takes Over Peter’s Since 1969 East Side Location

I’m not sure if anyone in Midtown except for me and three of my coworkers cared for Peter’s Meatloaf, but according to Lunch’er Nick, the old Peter’s Location on Lexington Avenue (btw. 55th & 56th Streets) has signs on their window indicating that the location is turning into Little Collins, a high-end coffee bar serving Counter Culture coffee. When I had spoken with Peter’s in Williamsburg in May, they had mentioned that the location was closed for “rebranding” so it’s still a little unclear as to if this new coffee shop is under the same management, or if Little Collins is it’s own thing. Fingers crossed for good pastries! (And maybe some meatloaf?!)

Little Collins, 667 Lexington Avenue (between 55th and 56th Streets)


  • The branch on 9th Ave between 42nd and 43rd is shuttered, too. No notice to what’s replacing it. I was very excited when Peters was slated to move in to that spot as I’d heard such good things. I tried several times to eat there but just couldn’t get past every item being horribly over-salted or confusingly sweet. Neighbors agreed that’s why they didn’t eat there also. Missed opportunity as it fit the neighborhood well on paper.

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    Little Collins is now open. Just came back from there and cappuccinos are delicious, but probably the smallest ones I’ve ever seen. ~7oz for $4!

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    Thanks RST for your post – we’re so glad you enjoyed your cappuccinos. At LC we strive to use the best coffee and milk we can get our hands on and are dedicated to putting out the best drinks we can. Having said that, we appreciate the feedback and if we can bring costs down, we will!
    For the rest of you wondering what’s going on at the old Peter’s, Little Collins is very much open for business. If you love your coffee and food and want a little taste of Melbourne, Australia, come say hi or visit for a look at our menu.

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