MLers Automatically Get a Discount at the New Peter’s Since 1969 Today and Tomorrow

Last week we told you that a second location of Peter’s Since 1969 had opened on Lex btw. 55+56th (in the old Yummy Yummy space.) Well to celebrate their grand opening, they want to offer you guys a special deal. Just mention Midtown Lunch at the register today or tomorrow until 2pm and get 30% off the purchase of a single meal. Not good enough for you? If you’re willing to have a late lunch, the discount goes up to 50% after 2pm. Their credit card machine isn’t up and running yet, so it’s cash only for now. And there is a limit of one meal per person per day for the discount. ┬áPlus the discount is only good at the new location (NOT the one on 9th Ave.) ┬áBut if you’re an eastsider who hasn’t tried Peter’s yet, this might be good incentive.

Peter’s Since 1969, 667 Lexington Ave (btw. 55+56th)


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    just went. i’d say it’s perfect with 50% off!
    regularly priced i’d pass…
    I got meatloaf (dry as reviewed), with fairly good gravy.

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    Got the meatloaf as well, semi dry and not too much flavor, but the Mac and Cheese was good.
    Agreed at a discount a good value, regular price not so much.

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    I’ll jump on as well. At 50% off, I might get this once in a while. I had the pork, which was juicy, along with mashed potatoes, and mac&cheese….I wanted to try a vegetable, but needed to try the staples. I found the food to be very bland. However, this place will no doubt have a huge following of generic deli loving cube dwellers.

    …and by the way, the “Nameless Mexican Cart on 55th & Lex” was back on the corner today. I would have went there instead of this place.

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