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Is Obika Worth Returning To? These Photos Say Yes.

Photo courtesy of chris6sigma

Remember Obika, the Italian Mozzarella bar that opened in the atrium on Madison & 56th last year? Their sandwiches were pretty good, but a little small for the price- and I haven’t really thought about going back since the original +/- they got in November. That is, until I saw these photos that chris6sigma posted to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Pool. Damn, that mozzarella/proscuitto sandwich looks good.

But the eye grabber (and the thing that may have me drop everything to return immediately) is after the jump…

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Sietsema Does Obika: In all the baby craziness of last week, I completely missed Robert Sietsema's write up of Obika in the Village Voice. I can't tell if he loves it or hates it, and he completely ignores the take out sandwiches (the only part of the menu cheap enough to interest me).  But if you love mozzarella, and are interested in reading more about the Italian chain that popped up in the atrium on Madison Ave. and 56th Street, his reviews are always worth taking a look at.

Obika’s Take Out Sandwiches Finally Get the Big +/-

Obika Opening Day

*Sigh* … Obika.  What are we going to do with you?  When I first heard that Obika, the Italian mozzarella bar chain, would be opening it’s first American outpost in Midtown I was pretty excited.  It sounded really good.  Actually, that’s not true.  It sounded expensive. Imported meats and cheeses?  There was no way this place was going to be in the Midtown Lunch price range (i.e. under $10 for a filling lunch.)  So, when they finally released the menu, and the take out sandwiches were all under $10, I was kind of excited.  I like cheese.  I like meat.  I like sandwiches. (And most of all, I like Italy.)  This could be good.

Not surprisingly, the opening week was pretty hectic.  They were overwhelmed and understocked, and as a result the sandwiches were running out pretty early in the day (sometimes even before the accepted lunch start time of Noon.)  Reports were coming in that they were pre-made, waiting under the glass, and kind of on the small side, especially for $8.  After waiting about as long as I could wait, I finally hit up Obika to see for myself whether these sandwiches could pass the Midtown Lunch standards.

The report, and plenty of sandwich porn, after the jump… 

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Finally Some Praise for Obika: Restaurant Girl posts her list of best under $10 bites, and the take out menu at Obika makes the cut. "Order anything with mozzarella, especially the salted croissant stuffed with prosciutto or the ciabatta sandwich with basil and tomato."  Also on the list... Midtown Lunch favorite Woorijip (on 32nd btw. 5th+Bway.)

Obika Takeout-Watch Day 3 is Better… But Not Great

I wish I could stop, but the reports just keep on coming in about Obika, the newly opened mozzarella bar on 56th and Madison. At least today it seems like the takeout only sandwiches lasted past 12:30…

Photo courtesy of Danny from Food in Mouth

From Lunch’er Bossman: “Sandwich was actually quite tasty, the quality of ingredients was excellent. I ordered the Prosciutto, Mozz and Basil and found with Mozz/Tomato/Basil in the bag when I got back to the office. It was on a 6″ long Ciabatta-like roll, the Mozz was creamy and oozed fresness. They still have a limited selection and if all they have is what’s on display- not much of it. The staff are dolts, even though the girl taking the order is next to the guy prepping the sandwich there were three screwups in the two minutes I was there (not counting my wrong sandwich)I think their issues on take-out, inexperienced staff aside, is simply not having enough storage space for the menu items. This is the Italian equivalent to Chinese food. 15 minutes later, I’m asking “what’s for lunch?”. Yips beckons.”

Lunch’er Dylan agrees: “I agree: the sandwiches are almost laughably small. Eight dollars later, I am sitting here contemplating an early-afternoon snack. The bread was crisp and fresh, but after all of five bites it was gone. The mozzarella/prosciutto was even smaller than my mozz/tomato/basil affair—that sandwich was barely the size of a blackberry. Dissapointed.”

Another photo, plus more lunchers weigh in… after the jump. 

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Airing of Grievances: Obika Fail

Thought you would be interested: I met up with a friend today for lunch and based on your posting decided to check out the Obika takeout counter. Not only did they break their promise of being prepared today but they seemed to have done worse than yesterday: they apparently ran out of sandwiches at around 11am! (we arrived at 12:30) Is this some scam to get more people to eat at the sit-down area? These guys are not going to be in business very long by selling croissants for lunch. -Mike A.

*Sigh*  Has anybody actually gotten to try these elusive takeout sandwiches?

Day 1 Obika Runs Out of Food Early, Ready For Day 2

Obika Opening Day 

A few more bits and pieces of info about the newly opened Obika:

1. The takeout menu and eat in menu are in fact different.  The menu that was posted yesterday with all the under $10 sandwiches, etc. is for takeout only. The eat in menu is more expensive, and while not super expensive- is definitely not a Midtown Lunch.

2. Yesterday, the take out sandwiches ran out by 1 p.m., but I was assured they would be more prepared for the demand today.

3. No official confirmation on how big or small these $8 sandwiches actually are, but I have to say the food behind the glass looked pretty tasty.

4. Barring a situation where the food tastes like garbage, this place is going to be pretty packed every single day.

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Shocker: Obika is Officially Open… Entire Takeout Menu Under $10!!!


Lunch’er Bossman sends word that Obika (the Italian mozzarella bar in the atrium on Madison and 56th) is officially open, and even more surprising- everything on the takeout menu is under $10!  This is unexpected, and very exciting.  Takeout is available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.  A full readable version of the sandwich portion of the menu is after the jump.

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Magnolia Bakery Is Officially Open; Obika, Not So Much

Magnolia Midtown
The new Magnolia Bakery on 49th & 6th Avenue is officially open, and take a good look at the photo above… because that is emptiest you will ever see this place.  Profiled Midtown Lunchers Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake, and Blondie and Brownie (from Blondie and Brownie) were there, so if you’re interested in how the sweets are I’m sure you will get a good write up on their sites.  I will however say this… fans of the Downtown Magnolia- don’t expect downtown prices.  This is Rock Center, and inflated Midtown pricing applies.

The other long awaited Midtown opening, Obika (the Mozzarella Bar on Madison and 55th) is still not open.  Photo, plus the latest news- after the jump… Read more »

Bossman Reports: Pronto Pizza Gets the DOH; Obika Plywood Comes Down


Got some great photos from Lunch’er Bossman today.  The first is from Madrit’s Pronto Pizza on 55th btw. 5+6th.  You may remember Pronto as the pizza parlor who recently added sushi, and was giving out free samples on the sidewalk.  As far as I can tell, the only reason to eat there over Tuscany Catering (also on 55th btw. 5+6th) is the backyard seating area- but now that it’s getting cold, you can scratch that idea.  Oh, and also, Pronto just go closed by the Department of Health. (Kind of a deterrent to eating there.)

Bossman was also kind enough to send photos of Obika, the Mozzarella bar that should probably be open by now.  They’ve finally taken the plywood down… check it out after the jump.


Still no word on when it’s opening, but we’ve gotta be getting closer- right?