Is Obika Worth Returning To? These Photos Say Yes.

Photo courtesy of chris6sigma

Remember Obika, the Italian Mozzarella bar that opened in the atrium on Madison & 56th last year? Their sandwiches were pretty good, but a little small for the price- and I haven’t really thought about going back since the original +/- they got in November. That is, until I saw these photos that chris6sigma posted to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Pool. Damn, that mozzarella/proscuitto sandwich looks good.

But the eye grabber (and the thing that may have me drop everything to return immediately) is after the jump…

Nutella pastry
Photo courtesy of chris6sigma

Is that nutella? Inside Sullivan Street Bakery bread? With powdered sugar on top? Yes please!

Obika’s Take Out Sandwiches Finally Get the Big +/-


  • pretty good timing on this post. i just hit up obika this past friday for a to-go sandwich for the first time since it opened. here are my conclusions: (i) still running out of sandwiches — only had 2 kinds left, (ii) i had the porchetta sandwich which was pretty good, but small for its $9 price tag, (iii) the service is pretty slow and they can be pretty rude. you should see if they’ll do an ML Sandwich Challenge entry.

  • Hey ML, thanks for plugging my photos. I thought the food was a little out of range and undersized for an average Midtown Lunch, though it was still tasty. Unless you’re rolling Scrooge McDuck style, or on an exp account, it probably isn’t the best option.

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    I’m trying to work my way through the site’s recommendations close to my office on 57th Street, but will not be trying out Obika. On a trip to Milan, one of their branches refused to serve me and my wife, who is black. Customers who were seated fully 20 minutes after us were eating their meals for some time before we gave up. They wouldn’t even take our order. The place is run by racists in Milan, and it sounds as though the waitstaff in NY isn’t much friendlier, judging from the posts on this site. Perhaps they’re imported along with the cheese.

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    Pretty good! The price was good, not too cheap, but for the special taste of mozzarella, I will come again at Obika. Probably I’ll try the Obika from Rome in Italy, I checked and have also there a location.

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