Day 1 Obika Runs Out of Food Early, Ready For Day 2

Obika Opening Day 

A few more bits and pieces of info about the newly opened Obika:

1. The takeout menu and eat in menu are in fact different.  The menu that was posted yesterday with all the under $10 sandwiches, etc. is for takeout only. The eat in menu is more expensive, and while not super expensive- is definitely not a Midtown Lunch.

2. Yesterday, the take out sandwiches ran out by 1 p.m., but I was assured they would be more prepared for the demand today.

3. No official confirmation on how big or small these $8 sandwiches actually are, but I have to say the food behind the glass looked pretty tasty.

4. Barring a situation where the food tastes like garbage, this place is going to be pretty packed every single day.

Some more photos after the jump…  

Obika Opening Day

Obika Opening Day


  • Whoa!!! Excuse my uncultured stomach, but what on earth is that white doughy roll that’s in the last picture??!! It looks like someone cut Kirby into cross-sections after he ate a huge salad!

  • OMG I think that might be *cheese*!

  • Mfc. Hint is in ‘mozzaralla bar’.

  • mfc, thanks for the laugh! that was too funny.

  • FYI, I just stopped by a few minutes ago and they’d run out of take-out sandwiches again but were still doing take-out pastries. Sounded like the full menu was still available for eat-in.

  • Oh… I just assumed that it was Japanese because the name sounds so Japanese (consonant, vowel, consonant, vowel, consonant, vowel) and the restaurant looks like a little sushi roll.

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