Airing of Grievances: Obika Fail

Thought you would be interested: I met up with a friend today for lunch and based on your posting decided to check out the Obika takeout counter. Not only did they break their promise of being prepared today but they seemed to have done worse than yesterday: they apparently ran out of sandwiches at around 11am! (we arrived at 12:30) Is this some scam to get more people to eat at the sit-down area? These guys are not going to be in business very long by selling croissants for lunch. -Mike A.

*Sigh*  Has anybody actually gotten to try these elusive takeout sandwiches?


  • After missing out yesterday, I went by again today at 1pm and you know the rest. I spoke to the lady behind the takeout counter and she said that they prepare their takeout sandwiches “downstairs” (assuming that means off-site somewhere under the atrium there) and not behind the counter and have only been preparing a certain # of panini sandwiches each day. She said they were gone today so early because a swarm of people came down from one of the offices above (590 Madison Ave.) and bought them out for their entire office to have. Unbelievable.

  • I was there at 12:30 and got the same response. You would think maybe they should cut down on the amount of croissants they offer since there is such a surplus and use that towards the ingredients they need for the sandwiches and towards an additional worker to prepare them.

  • Are the croissants good at least?

  • When I stopped by yesterday, they actually told me they aren’t doing take-away yet.

  • Sandwich was actually quite tasty, the quality of ingredients was excellent. I ordered the Prosciutto, Mozz and Basil and found with Mozz/Tomato/Basil in the bag when I got back to the office. It was on a 6″ long Ciabatta-like roll, the Mozz was creamy and oozed fresness. They still have a limited selection and if all they have is what’s on display not much of it. I absconded with a sit down menu, if I can scan it to some kind of readable state (white on brown) I’ll email a copy to Zach. The staff are dolts, even though the girl taking the order is next to the guy prepping the sandwich there were three screwups in the two minutes I was there (not counting my wrong sandwich)

    I think their issues on take-out, inexperienced staff aside, is simply not having enough storage space for the menu items.

  • This is the Italian equivalent to Chinese food. 15 minutes later, I’m asking “what’s for lunch?”. Yips beckons.

  • Just got an $8 sandwich there. Burnt on the bottom. Otherwise good, but way too small, I’d need two of those. There are about 8 staff working there, all seem completely incompetent.

  • I agree: the sandwiches are almost laughably small. Eight dollars later, I am sitting here contemplating an early-afternoon snack.

    The bread was crisp and fresh, but after all of five bites it was gone. The mozzarella/prosciutto was even smaller than my mozz/tomato/basil affair–that sandwich was barely the size of a blackberry.


  • Bossman, you sure about the size? Six inches is teeny for a panini (or anything else if you ask Mamacita)

    I just had a sandwich from this place. Mine is bigger than yours.

  • @Wayne – That’s the other issue… the menu says sandwiches/paninis, but some are sandwiches and others are paninis. My coworker wanted the sun-dried thing on a sandwich but it was only available on a panini (he passed). What I had was like a doughy baguette.

    That’s because you stretch yours at every opportunity.

  • Do not underestimate the power of jelqing my good man. If only it worked on sandwiches too.

  • just had a piadina…tiny and oversalted to point of almost being inedible. can’t believe what a joke it was.

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