Shocker: Obika is Officially Open… Entire Takeout Menu Under $10!!!


Lunch’er Bossman sends word that Obika (the Italian mozzarella bar in the atrium on Madison and 56th) is officially open, and even more surprising- everything on the takeout menu is under $10!  This is unexpected, and very exciting.  Takeout is available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.  A full readable version of the sandwich portion of the menu is after the jump.


It’s not clear if the sit down menu is different (or more expensive) The sit down menu is slightly more expensive (and totally different) but everything available for takeout is under $10. You can see the complete menu, here

Early adopters… feel free to let us know how it is.


  • I have a feeling the sandwiches are going to be, like, the size of a dime.

  • Nancy–me too. Just because a menu item is under $10 doesn’t mean that you can eat a satisfying lunch for under $10. Honestly, when did a $10 lunch become ‘cheap’? I agree with the philosophy here that anything over $10 *isn’t* cheap and is thus OOB for ML. But something barely under $10 that isn’t filling is still overpriced, generally. Especially when it’s take-out and you’re not even paying for table space or service. I guess what I’m trying to say is that NYC generally sucks because it’s overpriced everywhere, with few notable exceptions (like most streetmeats, $1 pizza slices, et al.).

  • Just got back from there. Food looks great and paninis don’t look micro-sized by any means. Unfortunately, no take out today…only croissants and pastries. I took a few pics. Best thing is that they have a few affordable Italian wines to pair with your lunch.

  • Here are the pics. It was pretty crowded. Most people eating at the community bar tops and around the curved bar.

  • Fair-warning, anyone snapping pics of me while I’m eating will be burping camera/cell phone parts.

    Just sayin’

  • DocChuck is wondering if any of the folks in the picture is bossman, because if so, he has a trip to the photo-enlarging lab in mind, and then…..well, you know

  • service is awful. ok food. bad energy there. everyone was so tense. highly negative experience.

  • Service needs improvement. Food is great!

  • Loved the incredibly fresh Mozzarella and other delicious choices. It’s worth checking it out.

  • I just had the worst, most overpriced sandwich of my life. It was mozzarella, arugula and sun-dried tomatoes on a panini-type bread, and the bread was basically raw dough. And the cheese definitely did not taste like fresh mozzarella, but rather the regular kind. My colleague got the soup, which she loved, but it was more than $8. I am still hungry. Won’t go there again!

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