Magnolia Bakery Is Officially Open; Obika, Not So Much

Magnolia Midtown
The new Magnolia Bakery on 49th & 6th Avenue is officially open, and take a good look at the photo above… because that is emptiest you will ever see this place.  Profiled Midtown Lunchers Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake, and Blondie and Brownie (from Blondie and Brownie) were there, so if you’re interested in how the sweets are I’m sure you will get a good write up on their sites.  I will however say this… fans of the Downtown Magnolia- don’t expect downtown prices.  This is Rock Center, and inflated Midtown pricing applies.

The other long awaited Midtown opening, Obika (the Mozzarella Bar on Madison and 55th) is still not open.  Photo, plus the latest news- after the jump…


Still not open, and the contractor said it will open on Monday… “hopefully.”  I tried to get a menu or find out prices, but was denied.  Oh well.


  • Notice these muffin shops/bakeries/treatstruck line et’al…..all full of Ladies?

    G I R L I E F O O D.

  • Cupcakes are not sexist, I can assure you they don’t mind being eaten by boys either.

  • Ugh, I can’t even get through one Mag. Cupcake without needing a nap, Crumbs is where its at

  • My coworker brought me banana pudding from Magnolia yesterday, and a cupcake from Dean & Deluca the day before. I love my job!

  • MDL, I can confirm that Obika is opening on Monday. I sell the great food packaging to alot of the restaurants you review, including Obika. After much delay, my Italian friends say Monday is the day. My treat if you agree to meet me there!

  • Obika is open, and the entire menu is within ML price guidelines (assuming you limit yourself to one selection)!

    Zach, check your email for the poorly-scanned menu.

  • I love Magnolia cupcakes.

    I remember having one downtown and thinking it wasn’t all that. I remember it being dry and too sweet.

    The one in midtown is awesome.

    Everyone at my job is addicted now. They get violent if you go and don’t ask first who wants.

    The red velvet is outstanding. I may even say it is the best cupcake I ever had in my life. And yes, as someone who for some reason is obsessed with cupcakes for the past year…don’t bother telling me about buttercup, crumbs, burgers and cupcakes, cupcake cafe (sadly used to be my FAV but last time I was there -since they moved- was horrible), Martha’s Country Bakery, Sage. …yes I know.

    I went expecting it to be boring, sweet, dry, overpriced, horrible. But it wasn’t. It was delicious.

    My only problem is the staff. Boy they are surly. Funny story-everyone at work was talking about red velvet ones one day and we called to find out if they had them and they said they were sold out….I went down just for shits and giggles and sure enough they had racks of them. They nearly lost $30 right there. And it is not like the guy calling was unclear or they misunderstood….he kept them on the phone for a long time trying to figure out why they didn’t have them. Pretty stupid IMHO.

    And when you buy a cupcake, you don’t expect it to flung over the counter at you…you want a smile with a cupcake.

    Yes, funny enough I did notice that everyone on line everytime I go is a white chick. But I am a white chick too, so I fit in well there. White chicks like cupcakes.

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