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Your First Look at Harry’s Italian Pizza Bar


When I passed by Harry’s Italian in the concourse at 30 Rock on Monday, I took a few other photos of the new shop. Get a closer look, including a menu shot, after the jump.

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Palin & Trump Lunch at Famous Famiglia Pizzeria

Photo courtesy of Gothamist

Really?  Famous Famiglia Pizzeria! That’s the best you can do?  Urgh…

Two New Fast Casual Concepts Coming to 57th

3rd ave openings

3rd Ave between 57th & 58th St is getting a couple of new lunch options this summer, and both seem to be a little more forward thinking than your average deli. On the east side of the street, a Mediterranean concept called “BarBanzo” will be opening soon. The google didn’t turn up anything definitive about this place, but it seems like their menu will likely focus on falafel. On the west side of 3rd Ave, Naked Pizza is a slightly more interesting opening. Founded in New Orleans shortly after Hurricane Katrina, and backed by investors Mark Cuban and Robert Kraft, the chain has expanded to over 25 locations across the US, as well as presence in Dubai.

They seem to have embraced the healthy, organic, sustainable, whole wheat pizza model (looks like Pizza by Certe will have some competition). They’re also big into the social media game, one article interestingly quoting the owners saying that, “Naked Pizza isn’t a pizza company, but a social media company that sells pizza”. So for the lunchers of Midtown East that have been craving more garbanzo beans, or eco-friendly, healthy, whole wheat, preservative-free, organic social media pizza, time to get excited.

$1 Pizza Store Coming to 6th Ave

_MG_5872 - Version 2

The dollar pizza plague trend is spreading! Yesterday, I found this sign up in the narrow storefront on 6th Avenue near 39th Street that used to be a Tasti D-Lite. Personally, if I’m over there looking for a bite, I’d probably hit Kati Roll Company (on 39th btw. 5+6th) or the Desi Food Truck, but on those days when you only have $2 or $3 to spend on lunch, this will definitely come in handy.

Flatiron Extra: Free Pizza at Grimaldi’s in The Limelight

_MG_5879 - Version 2

Word on the street is that classic Brooklyn pizzeria, Grimaldi’s is finally opening its Manhattan location in the Limelight Marketplace (on 6th Ave. btw. 20+21st) on Monday after months of delays. A quick call to confirm was met with the word ‘tentatively,’ but also with the much better words “free pizza.” All week – Yes, this week – from 12pm to 3pm, they will be handing out free slices to passersby. Freeloaders engage!

Limelight Marketplace, 656 Ave of the Americas, 212-359-5600

Commence Shockwaves… K Pizzacone is Closed!?

K Pizzacone closed?

It was always up for debate where K! Pizzacone is a revolutionary concept in pizza eating or a sad, stupid gimmick to relieve tourists of their money. What’s clear at least for the moment is that it is not open for business. At least today. There’s no sign up one way or the other, but what’s also been absent in the window is a DOH Letter grade. We know they didn’t make the Filthy 15, but maybe a B just wasn’t going to meet their high standards.

Bella Napoli Serves a Pretty Decent Vodka Slice

Bella Napoli
The other day I noticed a call out for vodka slice recommendations in the forums from lunch’er MattPeach. Lunch’er deanlo let him know that Jiannetto’s sometimes has vodka slices on their truck. With vodka slices on my mind I happened to be walking by Bella Napoli (on 49th btw. 6+7th) when I spied a familiar rose colored sauce topped pie on the counter right near the door. Bella Napoli does vodka slices? Now this was something I had to check out.
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Maffei’s Pizza Launches $1 Slice Truck

$1 Pizza Truck

Pizza trucks aren’t new to midtown and neither are dollar slice joints, but $1 pizza from a truck? Now that’s something! Last week while running some errands in the Flatiron area I noticed a pizza truck I’d never seen before parked outside of Maffei’s Pizza (on 22nd and 6th Ave)  with a big old $1 slice sign. I have much love for the $1 slice, so I had to get the scoop. Turns out the truck is affiliated with Maffei’s Pizza and they are going to be selling grandma slices for $1. Those who love grandma pizza know that the grandma don’t come cheap- these slices routinely cost more than a regular cheese slice and can go for upwards of $3 in midtown.

According to the guys on the truck they are planning on making regular midtown appearances, potentially “midtown Mondays” and hope to be fully up and running in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can follow them on twitter. By the time I spotted the truck they weren’t serving any more pie, so I’m looking forward to trying out their pizza when they hit midtown proper. They were in the Flatiron yesterday (on B’way and 28th) and the early word on their slices sounds promising. Plus if the grandma slices off the truck are like the ones that Maffei’s sells at their shop, we should be in good shape (provided their fresh out of the oven!) Anyone tried out this new truck yet?

Best Penn Station Pizza: If you're looking for pizza in Penn Station, and can't make it to NY Pizza Suprema (on 8th btw. 30+31st) for their excellent upside down slice, Slice did a round up recently and recommends Don Pepi just outside the Amtrak Rotunda.

Our First Taste of Pizza by Cer Te

Pizza by Cer Te

Midtown is in desperate need of a lot of things, and good pizza is definitely at the top of that list. This is New York, bad pizza is unacceptable, and unfortunately we have a glut of it. I haven’t exactly been hiding my love for the sandwiches at Cer Te (55th btw. 5+6th), so to say I was excited about their “green” take-out pizzeria, Pizza by Cer Te (on 56th btw. Lex+Park) would be an understatement. I’d been studying the menu since it came out, particularly curious about the “bakers” and the “ciagels,” but since I was going for lunch I could only get the answer for one of these creations (ciagels are on the breakfast menu.) Having a low environmental impact is good and all (I’ll admit the plant walls are pretty cool) but we want awesome tasting pizza and we want it now!

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