Vodka Slice from Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck

The Pizza Truck!

Last week, I found myself in a lunch conundrum. I hadn’t brought anything from home and I was bored of my old standby quick lunches. To further complicate matters, it was Friday during Lent, so no meats for me. Much hemming and hawing ensued until I heeded the siren call of the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker and hit up Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck (on 47th btw. Park+Mad) to check out their vodka slice.

Perhaps I’m late to the party, but I didn’t discover the wonders of vodka pizza until a couple of years ago. It was one of those “ah ha” moments where everything in the universe suddenly makes sense. Vodka sauce = delicious. Pizza = delicious. Vodka sauce topped pizza = super delicious. I had high hopes for the vodka slice at Jiannetto’s.

Vodka Slice from Jiannetto's Pizza Truck

The slice itself has a thin crust and is the same size of one of their grandma slices–long, skinny and rectangular-ish. Even when their reheated slices come out of the oven they are steaming hot, always a plus in my book. Jianetto’s vodka sauce deviates from the standard rose colored sauce by including mushrooms and peas in addition to onions. It was a little thinner and less creamy than I was expecting. According to the guy on the truck the slice has fresh mozzarella on the bottom, sauce, and then some grated cheese on top, but cheese lovers may be disappointed with the amount of cheese on the slice–however, if you are a regular at Jiannetto’s, the lack of cheese will come as no surprise, their Grandma slice has only a light sprinkle of grated cheese. Thin crust fans however, will likely be pleased with the chewy and slightly crisp crust.

At $3.25, the vodka pizza costs 50 cents more than their regular Grandma slice. If you’re a Jianetto’s regular looking to mix up your lunch routine, the vodka slice is worth a try and according to the guy who took my order, they have this kind of pie most days–makes sense since it’s the same sauce that they use for the penne a la vodka on their regular menu. Unless you have a very small appetite, one of these slices isn’t filling enough to make for a satisfying lunch, so plan on picking up a couple slices or if you’re like some people (ahem, me) you might get a vodka slice here and then grab a slice or two from one of the nearish 99 cent pizza joints to round out your lunch without breaking the bank.

Sadly because it’s Good Friday, Jiannetto’s is taking the day off in Midtown (but for some reason will still be on Wall Street?!) So I’ll be looking elsewhere for my vodka slice needs today. So far my favorite vodka slice I’ve had is from Bene’s in Windsor Terrace, but that’s a little too far for a Midtown Lunch. Anybody have a good lunchtime vodka slice rec for Midtown? Put it in the comments…


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