Bella Napoli Serves a Pretty Decent Vodka Slice

Bella Napoli
The other day I noticed a call out for vodka slice recommendations in the forums from lunch’er MattPeach. Lunch’er deanlo let him know that Jiannetto’s sometimes has vodka slices on their truck. With vodka slices on my mind I happened to be walking by Bella Napoli (on 49th btw. 6+7th) when I spied a familiar rose colored sauce topped pie on the counter right near the door. Bella Napoli does vodka slices? Now this was something I had to check out.

Bella Napoli is one of the first places I remember venturing to for pizza when I first started at my job some 7+ years ago. Folks at my office are particularly fond of their grandma slices. I’ve gone there for a slice more than a number of times over the years and never noticed vodka pie there until now.

Vodka Slice from Bella Napoli

The vodka slices at Bella Napoli are $3.50 and you get an ample slice topped with a good amount of fresh mozz and a sauce that was creamy but not overly so, it still had tomato-y flavor. Unlike Jiannetto’s this was more of a NY style crust (thin but not super thin). Overall I found this slice much more filling than Jiannetto’s and the sauce less watery. and it only costs a quarter more ($3.50 vs. $3.25).

Anyone have any other midtown vodka slice recs for MattPeach? Preferably on the east side where he works.

Bella Napoli, 150 W. 49th St. (btw. 6+7th) 212-719-2819

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