Cer Te’s Mr. Potatoskin is Like a Fried Chicken Stuffed Baked Potato

The end of the month usually involves 12 hour days and no lunch, but as I helped wrap up March, I found myself daydreaming about the next sandwich mutant in Cer Te’s (on 55th btw 5th+6th) Sandwich of the Month club! The Fall of Saigon was so wrongly-named, so unbelievable tasty I even got it twice. When I read about the April Sandwich, Mr. Potato Skin, I was immediately excited (potato skins are a close second to wings on my bar food list.) And then I saw Masto’s pictures, potato instead of bread?! Mind blown.

Mr Potato Skin

Of course I got over to Cer Te yesterday only to find almost every other person in line had ordered the same sandwich-no matter, they kept up with us. Unfortunately, I had to get mine to go, letting the entire thing cool a bit too much for my liking. My sandwich’s potato was significantly thicker and bigger than Masto’s, but the inside was full of cheesy chicken and bacon goodness. I loved the succulent breaded chicken, and loads of real bacon inside. I couldn’t eat this as a proper sandwich by any means and had to resort to using utensils which definitely takes away from the experience-it quickly felt like I was eating a large baked potato and by that I mean eating all the toppings and leaving the potato behind (my ancestors were poisoned by them, it’s a natural aversion.) I recommend asking that they smash your potato skin thin, make sure you get your sour cream and chives, and eat it as soon as humanly possible, few things in this world are as delicious as hot melted cheese.

And for you Chubby Chinese Girl fans, it is still available as a special on Thursdays (sweet… that’s today!)

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