Your First Look at Cer Te’s Mr Potato Skin

Photo courtesy of Masto

Who needs the double down when you’ve got Cer Te!  Earlier today we reported that Cer Te (on 55th btw. 5+6th) has started serving their new fried chicken monstrosity with potato skins instead of bread… and Lunch’er “Masto” has sent over the first photographic evidence of this curiosity.  He calls it “inspired” and early reports have been mostly positive.  Of course we’ll try it ourselves and give you the complete lowdown (uh… you know… for “work”) in the next few days.  In the meantime you can view the sandwich from every angle on Masto’s flickr stream.

Potato Skin Sandwich Hits the Cer Te Menu Today
Cer Te Picks Sandwich Challenge Winners!


  • Hey, I want to try that. $9 sandwich though. Hmmmm.
    And I kinda wished there was bread on this along with the potato skins and chicken! Haha.

  • this has to be the most amazing sandwich ever.

  • LOL someone was totally smoking a joint before coming up with this one

  • nucular chicken is unnaturally white

  • throw some funyons on there and it would really be the most amazing sandqich ever

  • that’s almost Sandra Lee’esq lol

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    Can we get grilled chicken with that?

  • Sandra Lee’esque would have meant just buying all the ingredients pre-made then assembling them.

  • Interesting that the KFC Double Down get comments like “shit”, “disgusting”, “fat and salt” and so on. Seems to me the “Mr. Potato Skin” is the same kind of unnecessarily unhealthy food as KFC, but served from the kitchen of a friendly “ML” approved restaurant. I smell hypocricy. I generally love Cer Te, but this is just gross.

    • Actually one is made from real ingredients, cooked fresh every day. The other is chemically engineered, frozen, and shipped across the country to be reheated and served.

      (That being said, I do love KFC.)

      • how does one even return to work and be productive after eating either of these….id have to take a half day and nap on a bench.

  • @Zach: I agree, that is a BIG difference and you’re right to point that out.

    My point was that I would put both items in the category of “garbage food” in the sense that they are both an abomination of saturated fat and salt, with no redeeming values. Sometimes, that’s OK, but in the case of these two items, I think they were both created just for shock value. I don’t like to think of food that way. If something’s a fat and salt bomb as a by product of the dish itself (like almost every food item we talk about here), I can accept that. I just hate these foods that are created to be one of those “this is why your fat” things.

  • has anyone actually had this yet?

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