If KFC’s “Double Down” Kills Us, At Least We’ll Go Down Smiling

It is looking like Kentucky Fried Chicken will put another nail in our coffin this April 12th. Their newest artery clogging monstrosity, which is even being discussed in the forums, might be too good for us to resist. It’s called the KFC Double Down and it does what a fat man can only dream about. In place of bread the sandwich features two fried chicken filets (you can get grilled, but quite frankly why would you!?), sandwiched around two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese and the Colonel’s Sauce (which we can only hope has Lipitor already in it.) Let my Atkins Diet begin!


  • you know what would make this amazing..if those chicken breasts were hashbrowns.

  • If that is “Atkins friendly”, I think it’s pretty safe to say the words Atkins and diet should never be uttered in the same sentence again.

  • the grilled one would be atkins friendly….

  • KFC Fail.
    If it was sammiched b/w 2 biscuits and you add some mashed potatoes inside, then you’ve really got something.

  • The Original Recipe should be tastier and less salty. I would eat both.

    Ha, on the Atkins friendly unless Mama plans to scrap the coating off the Original. Mama, will you eat both Original and Grilled for the sake of ML? It’s been a while since you ate the cheap sushi. Your internal organs should be fine by now.

  • Yeah, where in the Atkins book does it say “Feel free to eat like shit.” I wonder?

  • this has to be the messiest, greasiest thing to eat.

  • The Atkins book says, eat Popeyes instead.

  • I plan to buy a hero roll, seperate and slather the chicken cutlets with thousand island, and add onions, lettuce and tomato. The breadless sandwich is all well and good (read: weak)but chicken cutlet heroes are one of my favorites. Screw the no bread. A meat sandwich is fine, but a meat sandwich with bread is ALWAYS better!

  • Hate to play devil’s advocate, but 540 calories (for the breaded version) and 460 (grilled) isnt even that bad. Some “healthy” eaters end up with more calories in their salads. You’d think a monstrosity like that would have over a thousand. Maybe it’s really small? I want dimensions!

  • EW, that picture makes the chicken look gross!

  • it’s not just the calories, it’s the fat grams. That thing must be a year’s supply of sodium in a single sitting as well.

  • this is the most disgusting pic ive ever seen on this site.

  • looks like two scabs with pus in the middle.

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    I looked up its nutritional information and, oddly enough, this is still better for you than a Whopper.

    • The Big Mac is about the same as this thing at 540 cals, but less fat and sodium at 29 g and 1040 mg. I might enjoy the Big Mac more but will see.

      Whopper is 670 cals, 40g and 1020 mg.

  • I now know that there is a GOD — no question about it.

    GOD exists, despite ALL of my former doubts, debates, letters to the catholic church, rejections of the head honcho in Israel, and harassment against the baptists in Arkansas.

    Yes, GOD invented the ‘Double Down Sandwich’, convinced all the New Yawk City folks that is the most delicious sandwich that they will EVER place into their gourmet gullets, and has decreed that ALL New Yawk City folks will forever praise and worship the heavenly DOUBLE DOWN SANDWICH!

    GAWD, I love GOD!

    carrion, please

    • its not just in New Yawk City. The whole country is eating this shit. Especially you fat fuck hillbillies.

      • NO, YOU are wrong, WRONG, ‘Wellerfan’.

        Educated people do NOT eat this kind of shit, you fat, uneducated, cubicle-dwelling, fucking yankee hillbilly.

        Carrion, ‘Wellerfan.’

  • i wonder how big that thing is

  • ATLANTA (AP) — Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee lead the nation when it comes to obesity, a new government survey reported Thursday.
    More than 30% of adults in each of the states tipped the scales enough to ensure the South remains the nation’s fattest region.

    Colorado was the least obese, with about 19% fitting that category in a random telephone survey last year by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    • GAWD, I am SOOoo impressed with your wonderful, university-level, Googling skills, coupled with your Wal-Mart computer.

      BUT, you must understand that ‘Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee’ are the main destinations of people emigrating from New Yawk City.

      Most recent immigrants do NOT move to Colorado — they are NOT acclimated to the cold weather and high altitude, you understand.

      So, please tell me again — what was your point? Or, do you even have a point?

      Carrion, wellerfan

  • im sure chucky raped ned beaty in deliverance

  • i need this

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