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Postcard From Los Angeles (KFC Weed Dispensaries Really Exist!)


This place is already incredibly well known in L.A., but I’m new here so I didn’t know about it (and thought you guys would get a huge kick out it.)  After reading Mamacita’s post yesterday about the double down, I was completely drawn in by the top of this (what I thought was a) KFC in the Palms section of L.A.  yesterday. Sadly, when I pulled up to score my double down I discovered it had been converted into a weed dispensary!!  Yes, this is the spot that was the inspiration for the recent KFC South Park episode.  Yes, I completely felt like Cartman (complete with yelling and cursing.) And yes, I was foiled in my attempt to eat the new double down.  (Which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you ask.)

Speaking of which…

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KFC’s Double Down is Perfect on Biscuits (Yes, We Go There)

The hype leading up to today’s Kentucky Fried Chicken Double Down release has been enormous. Always Hungry was in Herald Square at 10am, and Eater scored photos of New York Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton eating his double down and taking notes on Boadway (he just filed his report here.) If you’ve somehow been living under a rock this past week, let me summarize. In place of bread this ‘sandwich’ uses two fried boneless chicken fillets and then glues them together with melted Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese, two crispy bacon strips and the Colonel’s Special Sauce (which sadly does not have Lipitor in it.) Apparently you can also order a ‘healthier’ version using grilled chicken, but why bother? That’s like getting a diet Coke with your double bacon cheeseburger. You’re not fooling anyone buddy. The final countdown ended this morning, so I headed over to get my fix.

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Tri Tip Grill vs. KFC Double Down

If you’re looking for something completely different for lunch today, you’ve got two big options hitting the ML scene today…  Tri Tip Grill opens in the concourse under 30 Rock, and KFC begins serving their new “Double Down” sandwich.  If you choose the latter, keep an eye out for NYT restaurant critic Sam Sifton… he seems pretty psyched for today’s launch.  (And who can blame him?!) Live reports from early adopters at both fronts are encouraged.

If KFC’s “Double Down” Kills Us, At Least We’ll Go Down Smiling

It is looking like Kentucky Fried Chicken will put another nail in our coffin this April 12th. Their newest artery clogging monstrosity, which is even being discussed in the forums, might be too good for us to resist. It’s called the KFC Double Down and it does what a fat man can only dream about. In place of bread the sandwich features two fried chicken filets (you can get grilled, but quite frankly why would you!?), sandwiched around two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese and the Colonel’s Sauce (which we can only hope has Lipitor already in it.) Let my Atkins Diet begin!