Tri Tip Grill vs. KFC Double Down

If you’re looking for something completely different for lunch today, you’ve got two big options hitting the ML scene today…  Tri Tip Grill opens in the concourse under 30 Rock, and KFC begins serving their new “Double Down” sandwich.  If you choose the latter, keep an eye out for NYT restaurant critic Sam Sifton… he seems pretty psyched for today’s launch.  (And who can blame him?!) Live reports from early adopters at both fronts are encouraged.


  • stupid question, but whats the quickest way to the concourse from 6th ave. Never been down there before.

  • I went to NJ on Saturday and there were already serving them.

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    I went down around 11:55 and the line was out the door. There had to be at least 40 people either on line or waiting for their food. I noticed that many people had beepers which I assume go off when there order is ready. I waited on line for 5 mins and it barely moved.

    I did manage to get a free sample of the meat. It was sliced thick (1/4″), so it was quite tough. The outside char/crust was very good. It might be good in a sandwich if they slice it very thin.


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    very tasty sandwich! Although the wait was a bit long, I think we waited 10 minutes in the first line, and then 20 minutes with a beeper. The sandwich was very flavorful, and I think the original sandwich is the way to go. Almost made me forget about how necessary it is for us to get a Chik-fil-A in midtown, almost.

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