KFC’s Double Down is Perfect on Biscuits (Yes, We Go There)

The hype leading up to today’s Kentucky Fried Chicken Double Down release has been enormous. Always Hungry was in Herald Square at 10am, and Eater scored photos of New York Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton eating his double down and taking notes on Boadway (he just filed his report here.) If you’ve somehow been living under a rock this past week, let me summarize. In place of bread this ‘sandwich’ uses two fried boneless chicken fillets and then glues them together with melted Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese, two crispy bacon strips and the Colonel’s Special Sauce (which sadly does not have Lipitor in it.) Apparently you can also order a ‘healthier’ version using grilled chicken, but why bother? That’s like getting a diet Coke with your double bacon cheeseburger. You’re not fooling anyone buddy. The final countdown ended this morning, so I headed over to get my fix.

If you enjoy the holy trifecta of bacon, fried chicken, and cheese then you’ll just die over this, but probably from thirst first. There’s 1380 mgs of sodium per sandwich so I highly suggest you hydrate before and after. The chicken is real white breast meat, no McNugget pressed chicken product. The special sauce seems to be a tangy tomato aioli and added a welcome moisture to the meat, though I would have like a slice of tomato in there.

The slogan for KFC’s Double D is, “This product is so meaty, there’s no room for a bun!” Well I beg to differ. There’s always room for some carbs, or in this case a couple of buttermilk biscuits. I stacked them on top and bottom and created my own adaptation and it was pure perfection.

It added a soft and flaky texture and also helped cut the saltiness of all that chicken and bacon.

The new Double Down (aka the double coronary) maybe the best fried chicken sandwich I’ve ever had, but only if you eat it between to nice buttery buns. Fast food perfection.

KFC (Multiple Midtown Locations)

  • 47 E. 42nd Street, (212)681-8501
  • 1286 Broadway, (212)630-0315
  • 761 Seventh Avenue, (212)563-7440


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