Potato Skin Sandwich Hits the Cer Te Menu Today

New month means a new sandwich from our good friends at Cer Te (on 55th btw. 5+6th), and the April special is a doozy. Behold “Mr. Potatoskin”: Chicken cutlet w/ bbq sauce sandwiched between two baked sea salt and vinegar potato skins stuffed with aged cheddar and apple wood smoked bacon. Served with sour cream and chives on the side (naturally). It’s available starting today for $8.95.

Cer Te Picks Sandwich Challenge Winners!


  • This is why you are fat.

  • I hope its fried chicken.

  • Yeah at that point they should just bread and deep fry the whole thing.

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    I can’t decide if the flavors will meld well together. salt and vinegar with bbq sauce (I guess if it is eastern carolina style sauce then that is fine) and sour cream and chives? Either way this is definitely going to be about 1000 calories.

  • My heart just attacked.

  • I had to try one. Only had one bite so far but this is inspired thinking!


  • I just got this as well. The flavors def meld well. The barbecue sauce doesn’t taste like normal (dinosaur sauce) It might be carolina style I have no idea what that means. The vinegar is pretty subtle.

    $9 is a little expensive but it’s enough for two meals.

    I’m glad I went early apearently they’re selling alot of these.

  • thanks masto for the pic. looks chest grabbingly good.

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    I liked it, but it could be a lot better. One big thing that would make it better would be for the potato skin to be crispier and more thoroughly seasoned. I think they just scooped out a baked potato but to get a really good potato skin you have to do that and then put the skin back in the oven. If I made it at home I’d put the cheese into the skins, broil them until the cheese is bubbly, and then load up the other fillings.

    If there was sea salt and vinegar on the skins I got, I sure couldn’t taste them. If not for the bacon I’d have said the thing needed some salt.

    Also the breading on the chicken does not add much flavor, so I’d leave it off.

    The bbq sauce was good, not too sweet, a little tart, but the bacon is what made the sandwich work, because the chicken was not that flavorful and the cheddar was not that sharp.

    I saw no need for the sour cream, which came on the side.

  • i bet ranch dressing would be divine on the side.

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