Cer Te’s Boneless Buffalo Wing Sandwich is Another Winner (Despite the Terrible Name)

The Fall of Saigon

Monday brought the oddly named new March Midtown Lunch sandwich at Cer Te, “The Fall of Saigon.” I’ll say it… the name’s no good. I don’t know what it should be called, but definitely not this. Maybe Hanoi Matthew instead? Or The Matthew? Or All That’s Missing is a Beer?

Whatever you call it, the thing is damn tasty.

Close-Up Fall of Saigon

First thing’s first, like the Chubby Chinese Girl this is a total play on everything that is a traditional banh mi. The baguette’s been switched out for roll, the meat for buffalo chicken, all that’s left intact are the vegetables. There’s not even cilantro! But is it delicious? Hells yes.

The fried, hot-sauce slathered chicken hit my spicy threshold while the blue cheese dressing sauce added that familiar tang. The julienned vegetables gave the familiar banh mi crunch, but I feel the roll may need to be switched out for something with a bit more crust. Mine soaked up so many juices, it couldn’t hold up against the meat. Granted I also hauled mine back to the office adding a good amount of soaking time. My colleagues jealously eyed my sandwich, “what is it?” like buffalo wings as a sandwich, all I needed was a beer. Added bonus news for them: Cer Te (on 55th btw. 5+6th) delivers and we’re in the zone.

I did discuss the name issues while waiting for my lunch, the man at the counter said that they hear your concerns and may yield on this issue.

ML’ers First Look at Cer Te’s (Unfortunately Named?) “The Fall of Saigon” Sandwich


  • Yay, someone agrees with my assessment. I feel mildly vindicated.

  • Now that’s what I’m talking about–a gringo ban mi with no cilantro!!!! I might have to try this one.

  • The concept looks alright. Name is uh..

    I should make a sandwich, use baos, stuff it with general tsos, and i’ll call it, “who built your first intercontinental railroads?”

    it’ll be delicious.

  • “Hanoi Hotel Special Sandwich”

  • “Fall of Saigon” as a sandwich name… what’s next “The Scream”?

    They should have went with “Banh Buffalo” and been done with it

  • The name is growing on me, I hope they keep it. It makes for good comedy.

  • Today is thursday too, that means the chubby chinese girl is ALSO being served.

  • This was a pretty good sandwich. Happened to be in the area. First time Cer Te visit as well. Impressed. They did have CCG sandwich also, and many were being ordered.

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    I’m on 51st and Park, w/in the delivery range?

    • Yes- we deliver all over Manhattan and there is no charge for delivery from 1st-8th ave between 42nd and 65th street

  • Just what I asked for – a Banh Mi from Certe! In my opinion a good Banh Mi is defined by disparate ingredients of various textures and tastes playing off of each other…. but unfortunately for this particular sandwich the other ingredients get overpowered by the buffalo wing sauce. The CCG was closer to the Banh Mi prototype, and I think if it’s a Thursday I’ll order that instead of the buffalo wing one. As alluded to above though, this sandwich would be killer with a beer.

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