Tax Day Slice Action at NY Pizza Suprema

NY Pizza Suprema

There’s nothing more miserable than standing in line at the post office, unless it’s standing in line at the post office on Tax Day. For those of you haven’t e-filed and find yourselves in the unfortunate position of heading to the city’s main post office to mail in your returns, might I suggest a side trip to the slightly out of bounds NY Pizza Suprema for a fortifying slice?

From the outside NY Pizza Suprema looks like your standard midtown slice joint. I first took note of Pizza Suprema back in February, when as I was walking by I spotted a large blow up of Ed Levine in their window. A midtown-ish pizza joint with the Serious Eats overlord’s blessing? Interesting, very interesting.

Pizza Suprema prides themselves on having three different sauces that they use on their signature pies.


Their Plain Cheese pizza is topped with their house tomato sauce, mozzarella and Romano cheese and will run you $2.50 a slice.


Their Margarita pizza is topped with a plum tomato sauce and their house made mozzarella(!) along with Romano cheese, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil and goes for $3.75 per slice.


Their Upside Down pizza is a Sicilian pie with the mozzarella on the bottom, a chunky tomato and cooked onion based sauce and then sprinkled with Romano and drizzled with olive oil. The crust is thick but still light and crunchy. The inverted sauce and cheese combo is novel and downright delicious. I will caution that the few times that I’ve been here, I have noticed that not all Upside Down slices are equal so don’t be shy about pointing which slice you want. At $2.75 a slice, this alone is worth the out of bounds trip. And just think of how jealous you’ll make everyone else in line at the post office.

NY Pizza Suprema, 413 8th Avenue in New York City btw 31st and 30th Street


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