Pizza Suprema is Slice Approved

If the new location of Lazzara’s Pizza wasn’t enough “slightly out of bounds” pizza news for you, Slice has recommended Pizza Suprema (on 8th Avenue and 31st Street) as one of the best places to order pizza delivery in Midtown. Normally 32nd Street is the cut off for ML purposes, but I think we can go the extra block for an Adam Kuban recommendation.


  • I’m so glad this place has gotten some props. I used to go there once a week when I worked on 34th street. They have a new competitor directly across the street and had to put up a banner! Great crust, and sauce and no crappy provolone filler.

  • Pizza suprema is the best pizza shop in chelsea. The competition accross the street isnt even close to the quality that pizza suprema has. Easily one of the best pizza places in NYC. Their sauce is fantastic and the cheese is the best quality money can buy. This place gets the locals also from Penn South co=op. They don’t have anythingbut pizza and it shows

  • when i think about the upside down pie at Suprema, my mouth waters. While the standard New York slice here is certainly one of the most well-balanced and solid examples of the authentic ‘New York slice’ – the upside down and Grandma pies are both something truly special. The slices seem to defy gravity with their unnatural lightness. And now that I’m practically drooling, I think I’ll head there now.

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